Getting the most out of RCI – Advanced

For my last RCI module I am going to share with you some awesome extras WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners also have access to; which you may not have known about.

The first one is RCI Bonus Weeks!!!

These are ridiculously cheap CASH weeks (no credits needed) which come from RCI’s surplus inventory.

Traditionally Bonus Weeks are available within 45 days of travel and prices start from as low as AU$199 for an entire week.   Which is amazingly cheap for a full week of accommodation and best thing is there is no housekeeping involved either!

When you’ve already booked your credits for that trip to Fiji (or Port Douglas or Shoal Bay or any of your beautiful properties) Bonus Weeks  are a great way to keep you taking holidays. To find available bonus weeks go to this website: If you want to book them just give RCI a call.

RCI Bonus weeks

Another fantastic benefit Privileges members receive is access to the Split Week/Nightly Stays with RCI.

As we have discussed in previous blogs, normally you would have to book a full 7 nights with RCI as that is how their inventory is deposited.

Privileges by Wyndham members however, have access to RCI’s split week properties, located in the USA, UK, Europe and Canada (none here in the South Pacific sorry!)

A split week simply means you can book less than a week at selected properties – there are around 600 properties you can do this at.  The best thing is you are not charged for a full week of credits, or a full week’s exchange fee, rather they are split into a nightly amount as you can see below.

RCI nightly stays

This is a great way to get more flexibility out of RCI.  To find these properties you can give RCI a call; or you can search for less than 7 nights on RCI’s website.

  1.  Click on RCI Exchange Vacations up the top of the page
  2.  Click on Length of Stay at the bottom of the page
  3. Select 1-6 nights.

RCI Split Weeks

The last little bit of RCI wisdom I wish to impart is in regards to RCI Rentals.  RCI will sometimes purchase accommodation availability from a resort, then sell this onto their members for a CASH price. It’s great because it gives you added availability and resorts with RCI.

If you are a Privileges member you can also use your credits to purchase these additional rental weeks.  Something to be aware of if you are using credits to book these, is that they are generally more credits than a usual exchange week with RCI.

The best way to book RCI Rental properties is to contact RCI directly on 1300737667.

To learn more about RCI or your WorldMark South Pacific Club, go to


Anne is an Owner Education Consultant for Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.  Her passion is training; whether it be her 3 horses, or the wonderful WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners. As well as sharing her knowledge in a face to face group sessions, she likes to help Club Owners maximize their Ownership by providing useful tips and hints about the WorldMark South Pacific Club on MyClub with fortnightly posts


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