Getting the most out of RCI – Practical Advice

Now that we have got the basics of RCI down, we can continue our learning journey with some more practical information.

Firstly, get familiar with the RCI website!  Go on a date one night; sit down with a glass of wine and learn the websites inner secrets, it could be the start of a long fulfilling relationship together.

How to Search

How do you find the RCI website?  It’s quite simple go the Worldmark website first, log in with your WorldMark owner number and password, then click on the RCI exchange option.

RCI (2) 2


Then just follow the logical buttons and you will arrive in your “My RCI” account.  From here you can see your credit balance, make bookings and start ongoing searches.

The corner stone of using RCI effectively, is understanding the importance of using the “ongoing search” function.  Because of the sporadic way RCI inventory is deposited, it is really important to place ongoing searches if what you want isn’t immediately available – just because something isn’t available within their system today, doesn’t mean it won’t be available in a week, a month, or six months’ time.  By using their ongoing search you are giving yourself preference in getting the availability.

Imagine the space bank as a big funnel; members are depositing their week/s of accommodation into the top of funnel; then those weeks are getting matched to existing search requests and are being removed from the funnel.  Only once this is done do the left over weeks become available to the general public (i.e. online).  So if you are not putting on a request and just searching yourself, other members could be getting matched to the weeks you wanted before they even become available to see online. Always put on your requests to avoid missing out on availability.

 RCI (2) 3

As you can see in the above picture the number of available weeks will continue to be either matched to previous searches, or booked, until there is only a minimal amount of availability left and this is where we find our Instant Exchange weeks.

 Instant Exchange

What is instant exchange???  It is RCI’s Last Minute Discounted Availability.

In a nutshell if you can find available properties to book within the next 30 days, it will be just 3000 credits, FOR THE WEEK, regardless of room size or season!  Cheap as chips!  You will still pay the exchange fee and housekeeping, however, if you’re looking here in the South Pacific, then paying $119 and 3000 credits and a token is a super cheap week of accommodation,!!! As is 3000 credits and $229 and a token for International last minute instant exchanges.

Looking for these last minute specials?  Simply set your search “To” date as 30 days ahead.

RCI (2) 4

Rental Accomodation

When you are looking online, if you do find something you want to book, then go right ahead and book it through the website you don’t even need to make a phone call if you don’t want to.

Making a Booking

I did a quick search for anything available in Australia until December this year, and this stunning property is one of the many that has come up as available.

RCI (2) 5

Obviously I want to book it – it looks amazing!  So I have just selected “available units” and it has brought up this little calendar showing the available “check in” day (which is the date in bold) – remember we have to stay for a week with RCI. To book it select the date and then you can just go right ahead and follow the prompts and do it all in the one go!  Easy!

If you’re having any trouble finding availability or using the website then it’s always worth giving RCI a quick call on 1300 737 667, they are the experts!

There is still one more Blog to come on using RCI – there is just so much to know!

So keep an eye out in a couple of weeks for my next RCI blog!


Click here to view the Owner Education website and see if there are sessions coming to a town near you, or view our upcoming Conference Call sessions.


Anne is an Owner Education Consultant for Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.  Her passion is training; whether it be her 3 horses, or the wonderful WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners. As well as sharing her knowledge in a face to face group sessions, she likes to help Club Owners maximize their Ownership by providing useful tips and hints about the WorldMark South Pacific Club on MyClub with fortnightly posts.

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