Anne’s 10 More Tips

There’s always so much going on here at WorldMarkSP – so today I thought I’d give you a few more tips to help you stay on top of it – and have more holidays.

  • You may run, but I will find youuuuu…..  Ok, just kidding – But make sure you keep your details up to date with us, often we are trying to contact you to tell you something useful; for example our creepy wonderful 🙂 automated voice will call you to tell you
    • Your credits are coming up to their expiry date.
    • Your Waitlist request has become available.

  • Transferring credits to RCI is a fantastic way to extend the life of your credits – once transferred to RCI they have a further 2 year validity period to use at RCI’s wonderful exchange properties.  
    • Don’t have a moment and forget about them; RCI’s 2 year period is to Book AND Travel. Once you have transferred credits to RCI start planning where you might like to go. .

  • Club Tours are available to ALL WorldMark Owners –  they are a fantastic, hassle free way to see the world and meet other like-minded people.  Often you will have a Club tours escort with you to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.  I keep asking if it can be me, but apparently my terrible sense of direction is a bit of a problem.
    • To see upcoming tours Click Here.


  • Check-In for your WorldMark South Pacific Club Properties is at 4pm. This means you can have a sleep in before you leave… because check-out is at 12pm!!! 
    • If you arrive early on your check in day you can leave your bags at reception and we will contact you when your room is ready.


  • Grabit bookings are generally added at the start of each month.  Check it regularly in the first couple of weeks of each month to view some AMAZING deals. Click Here to see what’s available now (this months just got uploaded – exciting!!!)
    • Take friends and family with you; you can have 3 active ‘Grabits’ at a time.


  • Facebook is one of the Easiest ways to stay active and up to date on information about the Club. And you get to see amazing photos, read wonderful stories, and often see compromising photos of the Owner Education Team. Click Here to view our Facebook page.
    • Don’t forget to “like” us to make the page easier to find.
  • The online Owner Forum is easily accessible – It was designed to help Owners talk to each other. We (staff) will get on and answer questions if needed, but we much prefer to let you all gossip amongst yourselves.
    • Who better to ask questions about your properties than other Owners who have already stayed there?
    • Visit the forum now.

  • Just book it – sometimes the hardest part is making the decision.  Make the booking and you will probably find everything else will fall into place… (well hopefully it does).
    • If not, you have the ability to cancel your bookings; just make sure to do it before your cancel by date.


  • Utilise the Online Support Centre – It was created to make finding information easier.  
    • Just type in your questions and the support centre will help you find the answers, its really as easy as that!
    • Click Here to see the Online Support Centre.


  •  Don’t be frightened of your Computer – The WorldMark Website really does have everything you need – just set aside some time to really get to know it; maybe have a glass of wine together and uncover all its secrets.
    • Click Here to view the website.

Anne – Owner Education Consultant

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