choosing to make tomorrow’s memories today

The older I get, the more I realise just how much of life is taking the experiences and memories of my yesterdays, making them work for me today, in order to impact my tomorrows.

I can see this probably more easily with the negatives, the hurts, disappointments, failures and concerns of my yesterdays – directly impacting the way I have shied away from relationships, played it safe when considering risks, and questioning my ability and worth in situations and positions. Negatives from yesterday spill so easily into today, but being aware of this now means I can actively work to make sure the learnings from these experiences don’t taint my todays, instead, prepare me for tackling tomorrow better.

The positives from yesterdays, however, are so much stronger than the negatives – if we tap into them, and use them. And building up a base of ‘positive yesterdays’ is easily the best way to ensure your future is brighter. Even more so, building up a base of ‘positive yesterdays’ for your children gives them experiences and memories to fall back on, when their todays get tough.

There really isn’t anything better than choosing to make tomorrow’s memories today.

My best memories relate to spending time, real quality time, with family and friends.

carnarvan gorge

As a kid, my parents were always packing me (and later me and my younger brother) up to climb a mountain, camp near a stream, drive down the coast and get out in nature. Wherever we headed you can almost guarantee it was with, or to visit, family or friends.

I truly believe, whilst dollars and cents are what we can think is our most scarce and valuable resource, in reality the most scarce resource is TIME. You can’t make more of it, and you can never get it back. Spending quality time with family and friends is an investment in your, and your children’s, tomorrows

Looking back over photo’s of my childhood I can see how my parents made a conscious effort to make memories with, and for, me. They might not have much time to spare, (my dad had his own business, which meant time off meant no pay) or a excess of money – but what they did have they invested in both my brother and I, in our then todays, and our tomorrow memories.


From the classic Gold Coast trip to Dreamworld (yes, I was a child of the ’80’s – fluro hats and high pants were in!)

To family picnics and adventures in Dorrigo National Park, inland Coffs Harbour, and fairy tale moments at the now closed, Fantasy Glades, Port Macquarie.

Heading north on an adventure to Hervey Bay and Fraser Island

fraser island

I think that is why I love where I work, and I love what the WorldMark South Pacific Club is about. It’s a choice for today’s experiences and tomorrow’s memories – a choice that, although society might say ‘have more stuff to make you happy’ our Owners are bucking the trend – they know that ‘stuff’ is temporary – but memories are for a lifetime.

So here’s to living our today’s, to crafting our children’s memories and filling their heads with adventure, imagination, challenges and thrills – here’s to what counts, and what can’t be taken away from us.

Here’s to making happy memories.

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at the beach

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