never far from water…

I’ve heard it said that the human body is 50-60% water, and so (to me at least) it just makes sense that when we’re looking for relaxation, serenity, adventure or just a ‘spot’ to rest so many of us gravitate to water.

Be it the sounds of crashing waves, the thundering of a waterfall or the quiet trickling of a brook as it bubbles its way down a rocky mountain stream… my link to water is an untenable truth, you just can’t take the need for water out of the girl!

My love for the ocean, and all it’s ever changing personalities started young. Northern New South Wales, Australia, is one of the most spectacular coastlines… As you meander south from Brisbane, pause to stop at places with obscure names – and you won’t be disappointed… Sawtell, Red Rock, Yamba, Valla, Nambucca, Tailors Arm, Seal Rocks just to name a few – of course Byron Bay is beautiful – but the coastline simply gets more beautiful, with fewer crowds, the further south you travel.

Smokey Cape lighthouse - Northern NSW

Neatly placed half way between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie (about an hours drive from either town) you’ll find yourself in South West Rocks – visit Smokey Cape lighthouse, in Arakoon National Park for endless ocean views – and if you time it right (July – October) see right down into the deep blue ocean, right down to whales breaching, swimming and nursing calves.

Crescent Head Northern NSW

If a more secluded spot is more your style – Crescent Head is a beautiful place, with a stunning 9-hole golf course…

The Gold Coast, which I am lucky enough to call ‘home’ sports some fairly spectacular beaches as well… Kirra Beach on sunset, sitting in the local beachside Surf Club, looking back to the hustle and bustle of Surfers Paradise, is simply devine

Kirra Beach Gold Coast on Sunset

But the Gold Coast isn’t all about the beaches… head inland, a pleasant drive south west up winding roads and you’ll reach the hinterland – Lamington National Park boasts not only  waterfalls and ancient grass trees, but a stunning Tree Top walk which, when you reach the top of the 30 meter Strangler Fig and poke your head above the canopy, gives you views across the western valley towards Beaudesert and beyond.

Heading a little further North, the coastline changes a little more, the headlands start to become more rocky outcrops, the striations in the rock formations creating patterns and interest pieces for many a sketch of mine! The beautiful Sunshine Coast’s coastline…

Even further north (the ‘Far’ in the ‘Far North Queensland’) the Great Barrier reef on the east and the Daintree Rainforest on the west… the land becomes the picture frame, framing the ever changing, ever different, yet so the same water ways, oceans, waterfalls and rivers.

Daintree Rainforest - Tropical North Queensland

As well as serenity – play spot the turtle (as well as a bit of ‘spot the tourist’!)

I think I will always carry my love for the water, the warm ocean, the icy mountain streams, the rushing waterfalls and the rain that is so desperately needed for my family out west. It’s intrinsic to who I am… and I believe it’s somewhere down deep in all of us!

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