Our Club Is Growing Up

The WorldMark South Pacific Club has come into its 14th year of existence – if the Club was human this is the year it would likely start talking back and refusing to clean its room…

Not Our Club – what a wonderful child it has worked out to be!!!

Our Club sits in the front row and studiously applies itself to growing, both in size and maturity. (We prefer the term; big boned :-))

On a more serious note I would like to address a concern that has been raised before at Owner Education sessions.

“Anne… We have so many new Owners joining the Club, is it going to get harder to get availability??.”

My standard answer to this question is “Sit back down… I already told you no questions allowed”.  Just kidding all questions are welcome at education sessions.

My real answer is “No”

 “Wyndham cannot issue or sell Vacation Credits in excess of the number
of Vacation Credits created by the addition of Club Apartments into the Club.” (PDS 2014; pg 31)

This is to ensure that all our WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners can continue to experience amazing holidays each year – not all at the same time obviously, but throughout the year. (Don’t forget your 13 month booking window to secure availability in those really popular times.)

So Wyndham has to acquire more rooms for the Club before it can gain new Owners!  Which is great for existing Owners because it means that you are gaining more exciting destinations that you can travel to!

Some of the most notable recent additions into the Club include the new apartments  in Wyndham Fiji; The acquisition of the stunning Ramada Shoal Bay; and with the new Melbourne propertyWyndham on William, (how cute is the name) under construction, it has been a very exciting time for Club and Owners alike..


  Melbourne picture

So remember – each time you refer one of your friends, you are encouraging the growth of the Club and can start dreaming about where the next amazing destination might be.

Check out Holidays by Wyndham if you want to show off some of your Club properties to friends and family.

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