Port Douglas welcomes Neddy

We’re pleased to let you know that after the sad departure of Beloved Bozo, a new sulphur crested cockatoo has taken up residence at Ramada Port Douglas.  Neddy was kindly donated by the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas and we thank the team for their kindness – we know he will be missed!

Neddy is said to be settling in well – snacking on his favourite food – Frozen Peas!  The team at Port Douglas will be taking extra special care of Bozo while he gets to know his new home.  He’s a little younger than Bozo so he will be going to bed early, not staying up until after dark like Bozo 🙂

Here’s a photo shared by one of our Owners.


  1. Errol Camillery

    We spent some time at the Ramada Resort Port Douglas this month and it was one of the best resorts so far. The restaurant and pool area is Paradise for us southerners.The staff are extra friendly and nothing is to much trouble. We had a Greater (King) Sulphar Crested Cockatoo like Neddy. His name was Habibi. Bibi for short. We saved him from a place that was mistreating him and because years of the captivity, Would not have survived in the wild.So I built him an Avery of about 4mx10m. You can never fully tame these birds. (Nor should we try) They are very cleaver, but will strike out at anytime. As your staff member can confirm and will feel Neddy’s mark for a long time yet. Never let children put their faces next to Neddy for a photo shot. (I saw this while at the resort) My wife and I started to panic. I have seen what those beaks can do to a child’s face.Each of our family bare some sort of mark from our Bibi. After a few years we learnt that Bibi would get this look in his eyes, just before he lashed out. Thanks for the great stay.. I would like to suggest. (Recommend) some changes to Neddy day area.
    1/ He must have branches of all diameters. His feet need this exercise and claws will be kept trim.He will develop arthritis etc if this is not done.
    2/ Ned needs to be able to walk on the ground!. Put a barrier around the tree so he can scratch around. Put tree trunks, logs etc around, and replace them and change them periodically.The barrier will also prevent people from getting bit.. Cocky’s need this for their health. Just sitting on branches is very distressing..
    3/ The very first tell tail that he is unwell, will be if he starts sleeping on two feet. A healthy Cocky will sleep on only one leg. The other is tucked up under the feathers.
    I can suggest many more. But i think you get the drift here. Animals need lots of caring….
    If the above few suggestions cannot be implemented there. Please place Neddy in a better environment….
    This breed of Cockatoo can live a 100 years and longer. I also suggest a pair of butchers steel gloves for the safety of your staff when handling Ned…
    Regards: Errol Camillery. Buninyong. Vic.3357.

    • Jacqi Holloway

      Thanks so much for your suggestions Errol. I’m going to pass them along to the team at Port Douglas. How long did you have your Bibi for?

      • Errol Camillery

        We had Bibi for 16 years. He danced and said hello and good bye. He knew our names too. When trades people came to do work. He would distract them for ages. They couldn’t get over the things he did and spoke.He also played tricks with the old lady next door. There was 400mt to the farm next door. Bibi would imitate the old ladies voice and call her dog to our house.She used to laugh so much.Bib would let us know if something wasn’t right. One day he was going of his nut. We checked and there was a large red belly snake at the back door.

  2. Dennis Ting

    Is the replacement cockatoo keeping its name of Neddy or will it be renamed Bozo as it is not clear from your entry ” ….taking extra special care of Bozo”?

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