Local Secrets – New Zealand with Lauren

This week I caught up with Lauren.  Lauren has been an both an Owner and member of the sales team for almost ten years.  Currently she is our Community Marketing Manager, based in Sydney.  Recently she’s been living a ‘gypsy kind of lifestyle’ and immersing herself in travel (par for the course when you work with Wyndham).  And lucky for us, she’s agreed to share some of her secrets.

How many of our WorldMarkSP resorts have you visited?

I have been lucky enough to visit a variety of our resorts in the South Pacific. Wanaka, Rotorua , Bay of Islands, Denarau Island FijiPort Stephens, Sydney, Flynns Beach, Coffs Harbour, Swell in Burleigh, Surfers Paradise, Kirra Beach, Hervey Bay, Golden Beach,  Cairns.  

You’ve lived in lots of WorldMarkSP locations haven’t you?  Any favourites?

Each place I have called home has had so much to offer and such different experiences to immerse in.  One of my favourites without a doubt is New Zealand. For those of you who’ve visited, I’m sure you will agree with me that it truly is one of the prettiest places around.  I’ve heard it described as mini Europe and as you make your way around you can see why.  The trees and bush just north of Auckland remind me of Austria, the little back Streets in Auckland take me back to Belgium or Prague. NZ is a little country yet it bursts with things to offer visitors.  Vividly coloured landscapes that change dramatically as you make your way from North to South.  The way the coast cuts and carves itself so harshly into the land – it’s breath taking and captivating. As you drive along the coastal roads from the Bay of Islands to the Coromandel it’s easy to lose yourself and not want the road to end.  Then as you snake your way inland again you find yourself losing your breath as you pass through green paddocks and amazing lakes that have a prehistoric feel about them – at times I was waiting for a dinosaur to show itself!

What’s your favourite WorldMarkSP Resort?

WorldMark Rotorua is my favourite place to say. Rotorua itself is an amazing location – I have never seen anything like it.  I loved driving through town seeing little fountains of steam shooting from the ground everywhere.  At our resort I loved contemplating the lake – watching the black swans bobbing upon it made me feel like I’d stepped into a fairy tale.

Where’s the best place to get a coffee?

The main street of the town is littered with cosy little cafes – do not leave without sampling their tasty Corn fritters.  I also recommend checking out the Rotorua night markets.

Best kept secret?

Not too much of a secret but something special is the  fact that only a twenty minute drive from the resort and you can paddle over the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall. There is no bad time to visit as Rotorua has something for you all year round  – but I find I always like it in the colder months when the fog rolls over the lake.

Jacqi has become part of the furniture at WorldMark South Pacific Club over the last 10 years.  She has worked in various teams, including Customer Service, Systems and Owner Marketing & Solutions.  She is passionate about health, holidays and roller derby.  As a mother of an 11 year old boy, she has also recently become passionate about footy!

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