Anne’s top 10 tips – Getting more value out of your Ownership

It is important to know how to get the best out of your WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership.  I have put my top 10 tips below on how to maximise your Ownership and continue to experience fantastic holidays each year.

  1. Grabit bookings add fantastic Value to your Ownership, how many holidays can you have each year if they are this low in credits. The below Grabit booking may have been “Grabbed” already.  10 tips
  2. The 2 bedroom presidential suite in our Seven Mile beach Resort is only 5100 credits for a WEEK in Blue Season. This gives everyone the opportunity to experience the magnificence of our Presidential range. Make sure you book early though as it can be very popular for this reason.10 tips 3
  3. Book early!!!  This is so important… to secure availability in peak times, such as Christmas and school holidays utilize your 13 month booking window (for WorldMark South Pacific Club Properties).  If in doubt it is better to book now and cancel later, rather than miss out on the availability all together.
  4. Put the kids on the fold-out sofa!  Most of your WorldMark South Pacific Club rooms (1bd and up) have a fold out sofa in the lounge. Save some credits by using it and booking a smaller room.
  5. Fun time starts from $13 per night (Dunsborough resort, in a Studio in Blue Season) **… Find that last minute availability and have some cheap cash stays!!  **A Housekeeping token or fee will apply to each fun time reservation.
  6. Check “Holiday Deals” on the regularly to see if there are any WorldMark Packages available. To find them look under the “Australia ” Tab and Call Owner Reservations to book.10 tips 1
  7. If in doubt Call!!!  Owner Services are open 7 days a week and are there to support you and help you decide where you want to Holiday. No question is too small or too big to ask.
  8. Always put your name on the Waitlist – if your first choice of WorldMark South Pacific Club Property is not available – call owner services and go on the Waitlist. I am often surprised by how many people end up getting the apartment they originally wanted.
  9.  If you are past your cancellation date, but cannot go on your holiday, Gift it to someone.  What better gift to give than a holiday!  Just remember to let us know; so we can change the name on the booking itinerary.  Also as an extra service supplied – Owner Education are happy to go on these holidays for you…
  10. Lastly, but most importantly… HAVE HOLIDAYS…  Remember to make time…10 tips

Anne – Owner Education Consultant


  1. Jo smith

    Love this Anne.. Great work..!! As an owner and a staff member I am so very happy to see this sort of valued help available to my/our new owners.. I will certainly be showing this to new clients considering joining our wonderful club in the future…:) regs, Jo..xx

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