12 Signs You’re a WorldMark Owner

Do your family and friends think you’re a secret agent because you get to holiday so much? Does your Resort Guide have pride of place on your coffee table?

Inspired by your conversations on the Owner Forum – you know you’re an Owner when…

#1 Your passport has more Fiji stamps than any other international destination

#2 You go through more suitcases than Madonna does costume changes

#3 You have Grab It bookmarked on every device your family owns (even the fridge!)

#4 You know your Owner number, passport number and local Owner Services phone number off by heart – but can’t remember what you had for breakfast this morning

#5 Your extended family and friends think you’re a secret agent (because you’re always holidaying)

#6 You’ve battled it out on a gigantic chess board at Ballarat

(cont. down the page)

#7 Following one of Derek’s horticulture tours at Wyndham Seven Mile Beach, you’ve taken to spouting the scientific name for grass – and know what a pademelon is!

#8 You’ve already researched and pre-planned your family’s Melbourne holiday – in preparation for Wyndham on William being built (2015!)

#9 Your well-thumbed Resort Guide takes pride of place on your coffee table

#10 You’ve been affectionately nipped by Bozo, the resident cockatoo at Ramada Port Douglas! (Ed – Since this post was published we’ve had some sad news about Bozo).

#11 You know the bartender by name at Karma Beach Club, and have a drink named in your honour (true story!)

#12 When home, you long for one of Linda’s superb coffees at Wyndham Kirra Beach

# BONUS SIGN: You’ve already got another two three(!) holidays in the works, before checking-out of your current resort

WorldMark Owners – we need your help! Please share your anecdotes, or finish the sentenceI know I’m a WorldMark Owner when… Leave a comment below, and we’ll keep adding to the list!


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Ilona compiles that treasury of Owner tips and memories known as the MyStory blog. She’s discovered so much to do at our WorldMark South Pacific destinations from you all, that her ‘must-do’ list has grown at an alarming rate. In returning the favour, she will be sharing some of her travel tips, secrets and curiosities here every fortnight…

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  1. sue smith

    There are so many choices of destinations and it’s hard to choose which one. Mind you we have stayed at nearly all in the SP.

      • Sue Smith

        like everyone else it would be Fiji because the resort, staff, weather and facilities. I love the pace – no pace just Fiji time. our recent stay at Port Douglas was also a favourite place. I could go on and on but I think you get what I’m saying. love our Wyndham holiday club. oh and of course there is our local favourite and that’s Ballarat.

        • Julie Camm

          I once asked what the temperature (weather) was today, the staff replied “hot” then I said no is it 34? 36? 40 degrees celsius?
          Their next reply was it’s just hot no number just hot!
          So true! But that’s why the pool and swim up bar make it so good. We played pool volleyball for 3 hours one day with kids and adults coming and going. Such fun times.

  2. This is just so true. Even though we have been a club member for just under 3 years, we have stayed in 9 different Wyndham Resorts & already have 3 more booked & many, many more on the wish list.

  3. Everill

    I know I’m a Worldmark owner when we stay in high quality apartments in exotic destinations around the world like Jimbaran Bay, Seminyak, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Aberfeldy and The Costa Del Sol in Spain

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  5. Fiona Preston

    When on the way to holidays the children are discussing which resort you are going to by the features. Is this the unit with the waterslide or the putt putt or the giant chess board?

  6. Julie Camm

    I know I’m an owner when, all I can think about is my next holiday so while I’m waiting I book a couple of weekends away to get my through! Love it!

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