Eat, drink & explore the Apple Isle – Tasmania

“Give me your tired, your stressed
Your city souls and spirits yearning to breathe free;
The gloomy work-weary of your teeming shore,
Send these, the overworked,
Holiday-deprived to me
I open my lands in welcome, the land of the Apple Isle! “

Inspired by the inscription on the Statue of Liberty

Tasmania Australia is more than special – its unique landscape, picturesque beaches, historic ruins, pristine air and all round beauty make it one of the best, yet least explored, places to visit.

If Tassie isn’t on your ‘to do’ list yet – it should be! With something for everyone these are just three of my reasons why Tassie should top the list!


Tasmania is known for all things ‘organic’ – from organic vegetables and fruits, to cheeses and preserves Tasmania boasts such a plethora of culinary delights, thrilling even the most  discerning of palates! The Salamanca Markets are where many of the local growers and makers come to sell their wares – but don’t think that markets are the only place to go! Take a drive along any of the meandering country roads and you are sure to see roadside stalls, honesty boxes and in-season farm wares ready for you to enjoy.



Did you know that
  • Tasmania is the the major whisky distilling region in Australia?
  • Organic Apple Cider from the Apple Isle is a real thing, and its awesome?
  • Elderflower cordial, simply the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted, is award winning and ready for you to taste in Tassie?
Looking for whisky to wet your whistle?
Nant Distillery
Or is a Cider to sooth the cinders more your style?

Something equally refreshing without the alcohol?


Tasmania is scattered with historic sites – some well know and others not so much, each site carries meaning, significance and a story that stretches across generations.

Historic Port Arthur is a place of absolute beauty, and also sadly significant memories of loss, in the distant, and not so distant past.

With crumbling ruins and rolling hills – Port Arthur is the perfect place to practice your photographic art – capturing the nuances of light and shadow, man made and natural, harsh stone and soft grass.

Not far from Hobart lie Risdon Cove and Putalina, two significant Indigenous protected areas. Putalina is of great importance to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, next to the ocean these shores have seen generations of the local peoples collect fresh food from the sea and midden sites scattered along the waterways show how popular this area of the coastline has always been. Sadly, Putalina’s Oyster Cove, is also the site where many Aboriginal people lost their lives during early European settlement in Tasmania.

…and the list of beauty divine in Tasmania really is endless. Explore the many small islands, bird watch the grey plumage of the endangered Cape Barron Goose or spot the infamous Tasmanian Devil, there is so much to see and do in Tassie it can’t be contained in just one post!

Tasmanian Coastline

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“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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