Rottnest Island – A must do when visiting Perth

Last week I was in Perth doing Education sessions for our wonderful WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners. Whilst there I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to head over to Rottnest Island with my Dad, and can I say – what a beautiful destination to travel to!!!

I was actually so inspired by the island I felt the need to share my day, and photo’s with you.

photo 4

We booked the ferry from Hilary’s Boat Harbour, which is 23km from our Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Perth.   You can hire bikes (and I would definitely recommend you do) at the Ferry terminal to take over to the island with you.

Once we arrived on Rottnest we decided it was definitely breakfast time, and popped into Dome to grab something to eat.

photo (4)

Breakfast wrap and a Late – yum

After breakky it was off to the information centre to grab a map, then onto our bikes we hopped, and started our ride around the Island.  One of the first things you will notice is the beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters of the bays.

photo 3photo 9

When you head inland a little you will also find and abundance of these little guys! They are called Quokka’s and they are the local inhabitants of the island. There are plenty of signs around advising you not to give them food or water, even if they do beg for it!

photo 11

My Quokka friend

As you ride around you will see absolutely gorgeous scenery. When you head into the middle of the island it looks very much like Outback Australia, with the beautiful yellow grasses and huge gum tree’s.

photo 1

In the centre of the Island you will also find the Pink Lake with its beautiful pink waters and sandy beaches., be warned however, it does have a bit of a whiff about it.

photo 5

Pink Lake

Once you have had your fill of beautiful scenery, you can then head back to the town centre, do some of the free guided information tours, or wander through the historical museum of Rottnest Island to learn a bit more about history of the place.

photo 8

Town Centre

Rotty (as the locals call it) is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lives – we are fortunate it is so close to Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Perth.  If you are lucky enough to do it with family, like I did, then even better.

photo (14)

Dad and Myself

Anne – Owner Education.

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