a pledge of small things

2014 Pledge of Small things

Yesterday I was reading a story about a young mother who sparked a ‘pay-it-forward’ storm of goodwill, by offering to bake a pie for a family in need once a week, and I was prompted/convicted/encouraged to see where in my life I can make a small change, which could start a small (maybe not quite Tropical Cyclone Dylan size!) storm of heartfelt warm fuzzies

So I scribbled down my ‘pledge of small things’ for twenty-14

  • This year I pledge to meet my neighbours

                More than just a ‘hi, how you going?’ when checking the mail or taking the rubbish out

  • I pledge to make eye contact, smile and use the check-out person’s name when I’m grocery shopping
  • I pledge to never use my phone when being served
  •  I will pick fruit off my trees and take them to the family of 6 down the street (I hear the kids march off to school each morning!)
  • I will walk my dog, who loves me with her whole heart, every day
  • I will buy a coffee for a stranger at least once a week
  • I pledge to reduce, if possible eliminate, the phrase ‘I’m so tired’ from my vernacular.

For me this is totally overused, and often when spoken makes me feel even more tired!

  • I will spend more weekends picking up shells and odd rocks from the beaches and creeks and less worrying about the next working week
  • I will drive to Coffs and surprise my grandparents with a visit at least once
  •  I pledge to pick up at least one piece of rubbish a day… and when I go to a beach or national park to take an extra plastic bag and fill it with trash
  • I will donate plasma or blood as often as I can

  • I will choose conversation over television
  • I pledge to donate all my hardly warn quality work attire to the local job seekers network

  • I pledge to be ‘here and now’ more than ‘back there and then’
  • I will make ‘date night’ a ‘have to’, not a ‘nice to’

  • I pledge to write more letters, to catch up with more family, to renew old friendships
  • To be the person who empties the dishwasher at work…

My pledges are small, but from personal experience, I know that when I’ve had a stranger smile and ask me how my day was, and then listen to my reply – sometimes its made all the difference

Keeping my pledges small, but my reach large is what I want to do this year…

Do you have anything to add to the ‘pledge of small things’?

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