The Best thing about Credit Values…

During my recent trip to New South Wales to conduct Education sessions, the topic of WorldMark South Pacific Club apartment credit values came up.

I know this is a subject close to Owners’ hearts, and while there are varied credit values across the WorldMarkSP resort family, one thing that doesn’t vary is this:

Once an apartment is placed in the Club, the total annual credit value for that apartment cannot change.

Take Kirra for example – one of our most popular resorts (second most popular in 2013 to be exact!)

In 2004 a week in a 1bd Apartment in Red season cost 9000 Credits.  Now 10 years later it still costs 9000 credits to stay a week in Red season, in a 1bd at Kirra.

Wyndham Kirra Beach – Current Credit Charts.

credit values 22012014

Wyndham Kirra Beach – Credit Charts 2004 & 2005

credits values 2005 22012014

This means you will always be able to access the same amount of time at the same Resorts that were available when you first made the decision to become a WorldMark Owner. How fantastic is that!

Another example is Fiji – As we know Fiji has just had a whole heap of new apartments built at the resort. Other areas of the resort have been updated as well – so even though the resort now offers an extra pool, updated pool bar and updated facilities, the original 72 apartments are still exactly the same credit value as they were – with only the newer apartments coming on at a different credit rate.

fiji 22012014

This means you can feel secure, knowing you can always book your WorldMarkSP holiday accommodation, regardless of inflation. 

For more information about the WorldMark South Pacific Club and your Ownership go to

Happy Holidaying!

Anne – Owner Education.


  1. Christine Williams

    I completely dispute this claim. I stayed at Fiji in 2013 for 9 nights in the 3 bedroom ocean view appt and paid 17,850 credits. I see that you have that listed as 19,00 for a week so if I stayed the same 9 nights it would actually cost me 23,800 credits. No matter which of the 3 bedroom appts I check out it does not add up to the same as the price I paid. There is nothing on the reservation page that suggest ‘new’ or ‘old’ appartment.

    • It is great that Kirra Beach still costs us the same as it did 10 years ago – that is how the club is designed to protect us from inflation.

      But what is unfair is that new owners are being subsidised by existing owners – so that new owner gets Kirra Beach at the same number of Credits as 10 years ago – but at the same time new properties (which create the new Credits for the new owners to buy) cost us more Credits to stay in.

      Here is a rough example (using rounded numbers to make it easy – but less accurate):
      10 Years ago a 1 bedroom at Kirra Beach was 9,000 points in Red season and is still 9,000 points in 2014
      Say a new 1 bedroom at Surfers Paradise averages 15,000 points.
      Instead of selling 15,000 new Credits to a new owner at $3 a credit = $45,000
      The 1 bedroom should have still been 9,000 Credits but sell them at $5 a credit = $45,000

      The new owner still pays exactly the same for the new accommodation at Surfers Paradise.
      However, existing owners would no longer be penalised into paying higher Credits for Surfers Paradise.
      Also, new owners would be paying a fairer price to stay at the existing Kirra Beach accommodation (instead of being subsidised by existing owners).

      Vastly inconsistent (and inflated) Credit Rates between properties is the worst thing for WorldMark owners.

    • Christene – Fiji has always been a bit dearer than Kirra Beach – what you paid is the original rates from 13 years ago.
      14,000 for a week plus 2,100 for Sunday plus 1,750 for Monday = 17,850 that is what a 3 bedroom standard at Fiji has always cost. The chart above is for Kirra Beach

      • Christine Williams

        Excuse me but the article stated with Once an apartment is placed in the Club, the total annual credit value for that apartment cannot change. It says an apartment and then uses Kirra Beach as an example. The fact is it would cost more credits to go there this year than it did last year. Very misleading article and the fact is it is incorrect.

        • Sorry Christine, I misunderstood your post.
          Anyway, the 3 bedroom STANDARD that you stayed in before is still the same 14,000 a week at Fiji.
          It is the new 3 Bedroom DLX (DELUXE) ocean view that is 19,000.
          It used to be first in would get the best room – but at the same price, these days view advantages seem to always cost us more (i.e. at Surfers Paradise bottom 5 floors are one price, higher floor hinterland view is dearer, higher floor ocean view dearer again – for an apartment that is identical and cost the same to build).
          On the chart in our book Fiji 3 bedroom STANDARD just has the one entry – but when you come to book you can specify Ocean or Garden view (of course subject to availability). Log in online to see what I am saying – you will find 16 different room types at Fiji – you want the second last one “3 Bedroom Ocean View SP” if you are too late then “3 Bedroom Garden View SP” are also original apartments at 14,000 Credits. But anything with DLX or GRAND are new apartments that will cost more.

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