Our Own Private Island – Fiji Resort Reporter #2

Our own private island. That’s where we spent our second day in Fiji. Crystal clear water that somehow turns the bluest of blues, coral reef and silky white sand. I doubt I need to say it, but it doesn’t get better than this.
Ok, so it wasn’t quite ours alone. We did have to share the island with a handful of other tourists, but when you’re in Fiji, everyone is happy and friendly.
The day began when we were picked up from the resort and taken to Port Denarau. We soon found out this is definitely the place to be with bars, cafes and shopping. And it’s just minutes from Wyndham. But there was no time for that today. We boarded the historic Captain Cook Cruises tall ship Ra Marama to find a cool juice waiting for us. It was a 90 minute trip to Tivua Island, including a transfer from the Ra Marama in a glass bottom boat over the coral. On the way we spotted the Sleeping Giant mountain and some of the cutest little sandy palm-tree-lined islands.
When we got there the tour guide – a big smiling Fijian man with a memory for all of our names – gave us a traditional welcoming ceremony and a short history lesson. We tasted the traditional Fijian drink Kava. Let’s just say it didn’t taste like the kava cocktails back at the resort.
Then the island was ours.
I was worried my husband Brett would be bored spending a whole day on a deserted island.
Do not be fooled. We’re going to need a day just to recover!
The morning began with learning to scuba dive. It was all fun and games strapping weights around my waist, putting on the big air tank and learning all the basics from a strapping Fijian guy. But doing it all under water was a whole other story. Thankfully the instructor was fantastic and understanding. He held my hand the whole way through and I actually made it down nine metres to check out the coral and sea life that I would never have seen snorkelling.
Lunch was Fiji Bitters and a barbecue smorgasbord. Brett was happy with a sanga roll while I could really embrace life on “my” island by trying the fresh fish, fruit and island salad.
Apparently it takes just six minutes to walk around the island… and we intended to check it out. In fact, we intended to do a lot of things: get a massage, kyak, snorkel, rock in a hammock, learn palm weaving. That was until we got so busy having my hair braided, getting a taste for the complimentary Fijian Bitters and playing volleyball with the crew.
I’m usually the one sitting back watching when it comes to sport. So Brett was surprised to see me join in for a game of beach volleyball. We were diving into the sand to get the ball (which I usually missed anyway) and laughing our heads off. It didn’t matter that the ball barely went where I wanted…it’s Fiji…no one cares and nothing matters.
But thankfully for these two Aussies there was a nice cool room, bathtub and huuuge bed waiting for us back at the resort to rest our tired muscles.
Master Bedroom

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