“In Fiji, when you do nothing, it’s something” – Resort Reporter Fiji #3

You can feel the excitement in the air at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island today. It’s getting awfully close to the grand opening of the resort extension and everyone already seems to be in celebration mode – or maybe this is just Fiji?

I’m lounging on a beach chair on my balcony looking out at the brand new adults only pool (we really must try out one of the five spas we counted in there) and watching one of the staff sweep the paths with a traditional broom made of palm leaves.

It doesn’t matter where you sit or go, there’s so much culture all around. I always look for activities where I can see and learn the culture of an area and sometimes they’re hard to find or are so touristy that they feel like they’ve lost their true meaning.

But you don’t have to go anywhere or pay out handfuls of money to immerse yourself here. Last night we sipped cocktails in time with the beat of the drum and watched the serenading and torchlighting as the lanterns were lit around the resort. The resort holds activities like this every single day.

Everywhere we go there’s locals singing and playing guitars and drums. I just know we’ll be going home singing ‘Bula’ to everyone because we’re so used to hearing it everywhere we go.

The Fijian men are putting the final touches on the buildings ready for the big event on Monday and the marquee on the beach has been going up for the past two days. Definitely Fijian time.

This morning we ate homemade croissants so good they don’t need anything on them at Mamacita Restaurant and browsed souvenirs at the locals’ stalls within the resort complex. We watched the people with too much energy zoom past on jetskis and parasails from the beach and tried the cocktail of the day. All that’s left to do now is try out the resort’s spa (but can I really drag myself away from the cool breezes of this chair?).

So you could say I’ve pretty much done nothing all morning…and I couldn’t be happier. This is what Fiji is made for. In the words of our tour guide yesterday “In Fiji, when you do nothing, it’s something”.


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