Its new, its exciting, its here! Resort Assistant mobile app

I have some important information for WorldMarkSP Owners!

The previous WorldMarkSP mobile apps will not be supported, and will longer function, in the coming weeks. “Oh no”, you say?! But wait… its not bad news! The *NEW* WorldMarkSP Resort Assistant app offers all the great benefits of the old apps + even more!

WorldMarkSP Resort Assistant mobile app overview

Why a mobile app?

The new WorldMarkSP Resort Assistant mobile app is all about convenience. Sure, it’s useful to have your Resort Guide, and Destinations Magazines are fantastic for inspiration and useful Owner information – but this mobile app combines some of these key features, adds in a calculator, to calculate the number of credits required for your stay for specific dates, and to top it off it’s available whenever you want it, at the flick of a thumb, through your mobile device.

  • Convenience – this new mobile app is available wherever you + your mobile device + the internet are
  • Up to date – with credit charts and resort information from your resorts regularly updated
  • Easy to use – open up the app, choose Resort Credit Calculator, add in resort, room types & dates – and the app will calculate the total number of credits required for your stay. Easy!

What’s this new app got that the others didn’t?

Why have two apps cluttering your home screen when you can have one, more powerful, more up to date app – with all the usefulness of the two original apps combined! This app combines the best bits from both the existing WorldMark apps, and adds even more features like:

  • Things to see & do – browse things to do and see whilst on your holiday, around each of the resorts
  • Updated Resort Information – easily calculate the Credits required for each resort, for all room types
  • Availability Quick Chart – quickly see a snap shot of availability, and easily compare, between your chosen resorts

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How do  you access?

It’s easy to access the new WorldMarkSP Resort Assistant mobile app! Head across to either the Google play store or the Apple App Store, depending on your device, and hit ‘install’ or ‘free’ (our app is free!). Click through on the relevant symbol below to go there now:



When you open your app you will be given the option to

  1. REGISTER – if you haven’t used this app before, add your Owner number and last name and click ‘register’ (which just makes it easier for you to send in an enquiry from the app – it will remember these details so you don’t have to always type it in!)
  2. LOGIN – if you have used this app before, use the same Owner number and last name you used to register, and click ‘login’. This login does not log you in to your Owner account – you wont be able to see your personal Owner details (credit balance etc)
  3. GUEST – if you’re not a WorldMarkSP Owner, but still want to have a browse around the app, or if you are an Owner and would prefer to not add your details into the app – no problems! Just choose ‘guest’ and you will still get access to all areas of the app!

Need some help with downloading the app? There are some great DIY help notes and tutorials on the internet – here a few we found:

Not sure what app is what?

Do you have one of these apps on your mobile device?


If so, these are the old apps – these will cease to be supported in the coming weeks, so don’t delay – download the new WorldMarkSP Resort Assistant app and keep planning!



    I have been unable to access this app. It downloaded onto laptop plus iphone but will not accept my password or member ID so have been unable to register the app.

    Thanks for any help Carol Quinlivan

    • Erin

      Hi Carol! So sorry the app has been a frustration for you.

      If you can email through your Owner number I will look into what is happening and get back to you 🙂

      Email me at

      Thanks Carol!

  2. Debra Nelissen

    I live in Germany and it says the app is not available in my country.

    Is there an update to this app or is it still the one from 2013 that has less than 2 stars?

    It’s time for an update worldmark. Your owners are pack8ng smart phones not computers and the website needs adibe flash and other unsupported software.

    Please update this app and make it useable for those of us who don’t have a US phone number.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Debra

      Thanks for your comment – we agree with you! We’re working on a new app, and there are also plans to spruce up the website’s online booking functionality.


  3. Vic

    Your app on Google play doesn’t work. If you read your reviews you would realise it hasn’t worked for over a year. Probably since the last update in Nov 2014…
    No point advertising this app in your books and website if you can’t scroll and the buttons don’t do anything.

    • Hi Vic, Thanks for your comment! We agree – we’re working on a new app (currently in the final testing stages), to release to Owners this year. Cheers, Ilona

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