Anne’s Education Blog – Just Clearing up a few things about Privileges!

During my recent trip to Victoria (great shopping!) to host some Education Sessions for WorldMark Owners; I found that there were lots of questions being asked about the Privileges Membership.

So I decided it would be a good idea to share some of my knowledge and tips about Privileges.

What is the difference between the Privileges Membership and the WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership?

The easiest way to explain Privileges is to first look at the WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership.  All WorldMark Owners are created equal, you currently all have access to the same 24 resorts and you all have the same 13 month booking window for those resorts.  The only difference in the actual ownership is the number of credits each owner has, which equates to more or less time staying at the resorts.

 (Just a tip – If you want more time have a look at

The Privileges membership is not part of the WorldMark Ownership, it is a separate membership that compliments your Ownership and provides a whole range of different benefits when utilising your WorldMark Ownership.  For example Privileges members have access to additional exclusive resorts and destinations they can book with their Privileges Qualified Credits such as the stunning Privileges Exclusive Associate Resort in Vietnam Hoi-An.

(Swiss-Belhotel Golden Sands Resort and Spa pictured below)

blog 17092013

What is the difference between the Privileges Tier Levels?

By increasing the number of credits you receive annually you can move up through the Privileges Tiers. There are four Tier Levels – Privileges; Elite; Diamond and Platinum – At each tier level you receive additional fantastic benefits.   Such as that extra little bit of luxury our Platinum Members Receive at Selected WorldMark South Pacific Resorts with their comfortable robes, slippers  and choice of pillow already awaiting them on arrival; or Complimentary Resort Activities for our Diamond Members.

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How can I find out more about the Privileges Membership?

Easy!  Come along to one of our Owner Education “Understanding Privileges by Wyndham” Sessions. We run them in either a Face to Face group environment, or by a handy group online Conference Call where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.  If you want to view any upcoming sessions just go to to view all available dates and times.

You can also have a look at the exclusive Privileges Website (Just a tip – Remember to verify your account the first time you attempt to login.)

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