what’s in an age? staying as young as you feel

How are you?

Feeling a little stretched? Feeling that the numbers you complete when asked your ‘age’ don’t quite feel right?

I’ve been thinking a bit about birthday’s lately – and why it is that we track the years, and set goals to achieve by the years that we live.

Approaching three-zero, four-zero, five-zero… these numbers can define us – but the more I ponder, the more I talk to those approaching eight-zero and nine-zero, the more I realise the number is not the destination, the number isn’t even the goal, the number simply marks time while you, the real you, sets off on a marvelous adventure called life!

And so – these are some things to do to help invigorate, help realise and help live ‘young’ – which to me simply means staying inquiring, energetic, enthusiastic and constantly in awe of all around me!

Go to a zoo… or an aquarium… get somewhere with nature that leaves you saying ‘wow’

Visit somewhere that took hundreds of thousands of years to form – and is so perfect you wouldn’t change a thing(perfect – just like you!)

Swim with a turtle on the Great Barrier Reef – the reef itself is the oldest living organism on earth, and these lazy turtles can easily reach 100 years +

See family, catch up with friends – in all their glorious imperfections, and unpolished-ness. They really are the best! (…and it doesn’t all have to be serious!)

And, if all else fails…

Go fly a kite. Really.

flying a kite

Happy birthday Api.

Happy father’s day for Sunday Dad.

ErinErin shares her perspective via the My Club blog on creating (and trying to maintain) balance in everyday life, how taking time off to rekindle relationships, renew friendships and explore the previously unknown brings vibrancy, creativity and a lightness to life.  Connect to Erin, and any of the WorldMark team via facebook.

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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