How to Perpetually Holiday Like a Pro (A Guide for Inner Peace etc.)!

How amazing is it when you’ve got a holiday to look forward to? How not-so-amazing is it when you’re on your way home at the end of your trip and all of you’ve got is work and the washing to look forward to?

WorldMark Owner Neale recently sent us a holiday story, containing this useful tip for her fellow Owners:

Perpetual holidaying | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Neale and her family have been WorldMark Owners since 2008

We decided there are two ways to ensure we don’t suffer from post holiday depression ever again.

A – Never take holidays again, or;

B – Perpetual Holidaying

“What?” I hear you say. Perpetual Holidaying? You’re just making that up – Correct. I did. And it’s the best thing we ever did. It’s simple (well it is if you’re a WorldMark Owner). All you have to do is ensure you have your next holiday booked before your current one is over. So now whenever you near the end of your holiday – you start looking forward to your next one.

Read the rest of Neale’s story, or, better yet, explore MyStory, a blog packed full of WorldMark Owners sharing their holiday experiences (with a new story added every Monday morning).

I agree with Neale, looking forward to a holiday – whether it be 1 month, 6 months or 13 months away – makes everyday life shine a little brighter. After all, who knows holidays better than WorldMark Owners?!

So how do you perpetually holiday?

Always, always, have another holiday lined up before you embark on your travels.

Even if it is a short two-night break somewhere that you’d never considered going before (as a dessert course for that two-week dream holiday you hoarded your annual leave over); don’t be too picky! When your trip date is fast approaching for that two-night short break, you’ll be riding high on anticipation.

Not too sure where to start looking?

Ramada Port Douglas pool | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Relaxing by the pool at Ramada Port Douglas (Queensland, Australia)

As for the inner peace, studies show that avoiding a holiday break can lead to health problems down the track. Dr Peter Cotton, Director of Psychology Services, Health Services Australia, says, “Not taking leave can often be associated with an increased risk of ‘burnout’ and stress-related problems,” (source). Eek!

So what are your tips for holidaying? Have any recommendations on holidaying like a pro? Share your ideas in a comment below!


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Ilona compiles that treasury of Owner tips and memories known as the MyStory blog. She’s discovered so much to do at our WorldMark South Pacific destinations from you all, that her ‘must-do’ list has grown at an alarming rate. In returning the favour, she will be sharing some of her travel tips, secrets and curiosities here every fortnight… Read Ilona’s earlier posts

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