Day 5 – Port Douglas Our Final Day

For me, as a total & complete lover of travelling, the last night and last day of a holiday is the worst. You know that normal life is just ahead.

We had a cruisy morning having breakfast in our room and packing up all our things. We checked out of the resort – very sadly – and thanked the staff for our brilliant stay. I’m going to miss the sound of the waterfall in the pool when I go to sleep and strolling on the beautiful boardwalks. I know I’ve taken too many photos, but I always see different angles or lighting on the same areas and I never want to forget what I’ve seen because I always look back with happiness.

We went into town for the morning just to have a wander around the shops & get the kids (and me of course) a little souvenir. The main street, filled with shops, is actually longer than what I first thought. We didn’t really get much time to have a good look, and there are apparently markets on every Sunday morning. There’s quite a few cafes, and one of the best ones we were told about by a local was off a side street on the left as you turn into the main street, about half way down . Sorry but I cant’ remember the name!

There’s a lovely shop called Portobella which, for girls, is definitely worth a look. It has some gorgeous jewellery and really beautiful bracelets near the front counter if you have daughters/nieces etc. We managed to pick up some cute stuff for the kids then left about 10.15am for the drive back to Cairns. It really is a nice drive but the way out doesn’t seem as good as the way in for some reason.

It’s busy at Cairns Airport so make sure you do arrive that bit earlier as the lines for Virgin & the security check are very long.

I love exploring new areas, locally, domestically, nationally or internationally …. and finding such ideal places in our own beautiful country is an amazing experience. Too often we hear about these places from overseas tourists and we sometimes forget to explore our own country. I’m so lucky to now have crossed Port Douglas off my list, it’s such a comfortable place and there really is so much to do there. We are very lucky Worldmark has such a beautiful resort there. If you haven’t been or have been unsure whether you would like it not – please go – because I can’t wait to go back again…..and again.

Always a stunning view

Always a stunning view

So thank you to Worldmark for this awesome experience. Especially thanks to Jacqi for organising everything – it was amazing in every way. We have had the best time and I hope some people have got some good ideas & inspiration out of the stories I’ve written. It’s certainly been my pleasure to do it.

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