Day 4 – Port Douglas

We started today having Breakfast with the Birds at Wildlife Habitat. It starts at 8.30am & is only a few minutes drive down the road from the Resort, or you can even walk if tour feeling energetic & its not too hot. So you don’t have to get out of bed too early.

It’s a gorgeous place. The breakfast is yummy with lots to choose from – hot food, fruit, cereals, breads, pastries, juices, coffee, hot chocolate – and it’s all you can eat so you can fill up for the day.

Apart from the birds flying & walking around while you eat, there are 2 birds that you get the chance to hold. Elvis the Black Cockatoo & Lori the Lorikeet. If the cockatoo is too big then the Lorikeet is only small. They are very tame & the handler is happy to answer any questions. I thought there would be more birds to hold actually but it is still worth doing.

Is a very easy walk around with ramps everywhere so it’s good for all ages & abilities. Apart from the obvious abundance of birds there are crocodiles (no croc show though so don’t expect them to move).

We saw a huge emu taking over the pathway going for a walk, a lot of wallabies & we were lucky to see baby joeys in some pouches, which no matter how old you are, is very cute. You can feed & pat them too. There’s a few big kangaroos, koalas, snakes, pelicans, frogs & also the chance to get your photo taken holding some of them.

It certainly wasn’t busy when we were there & probably about 90% of the time we were walking around we didn’t see anyone else. We left there about 11am & we managed to see everything so you don’t need a whole day there.

In the afternoon we headed to Mossman Gorge for the Dreamtime Legend walk. It’s only about a 15 min drive from the Resort. If you drive past Mossman for a little while he scenery is pretty & you’ll find a lot do sugar cane growing and banana trees. There is even a golf course right next to train tracks which could add a very interesting twist to your game. The towns are only small they have a few shops if your keen.

When you take the turnoff to the Gorge it’s a really impressive sight with enormous mountains as the backdrop.

We were booked in the Dreamtime Legend Walk, which was supposed to go for 1 1/2 hrs, but our guide Harold (or nickname Mooks) was so thorough we had an extra hour on our tour. He was a fantastic guide explaining the smoking ceremony at the start, all the plants & how as a “young fella” his grandfather took him into the bush to show him the land. The Aboriginal history is completely fascinating & we could really use some of their life lessons. If I am ever lost in the bush I sure hope I have Harold with me. Our kids seemed to find it very interesting & followed Harold closely.

Waiting for us halfway through the tour was a dreamtime story teller painted head-to-toe telling us a story of spirits & animals, which was really interesting. He even gave Our 3 year old son his own mid size walking stick & special seed which really made him feel special.

We stopped at a gorgeous waterhole where Harold shows us how to make shampoo from a plant (called the soap plant I think) & crystal clear water. A simple & extremely cheap way to wash your hair in the bush. It makes you wonder about all the things we have lining our supermarket shelves when it’s done that easily.

At the end of the tour you are offered bush tea & delicious damper. Harold is very grateful for people coming along to hear their stories & in one of the 8 aboriginal dialects he speaks, gives everyone well wishes for a safe trip.

I would definitely recommend this tour. It wasn’t a tiring or hard walk – its pretty basic – but there are some slippery rocks & some steps. Keep in mind you certainly couldn’t take a pram/stroller.

We got back to the Resort which is such a comfortable feeling after another full day with weather that makes it feel like Summer in an Australian Winter. The kids were keen to spend their last couple of afternoon hours in the pool while we watched on relaxing. It is more crowded here over the weekend but there is still plenty of space. They have made friends with a lovely young girl & they are all having a blast.

We are definitely going to be so sad to leave here tomorrow – i don’t know how we will tell the kids it’s all over – but I’m already planning the next visit!

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