Day 3 – Port Douglas

Today we had a relaxing morning at the resort which was really nice. The girls were keen on the $1 all you can eat pancakes in the restaurant & they were very full afterwards. It’s a great bargain. They have the pancake machine that make them in front of you & the choice of chocolate, strawberry or maple syrup for topping. They combined all 3 for a taste sensation!

The resort is gorgeous in the morning with the sun filtering down through the trees. There were a few brave people having an early swim & a lot enjoying the full breakfast which looked delicious.

Morning at the Ramada

Morning at the Ramada

After that we swapped the sea for the land & went to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, which is an easy 20 min drive towards Cairns along the beautiful coast.  This place is well worth the visit with kids.  It wasn’t really busy when we just wandered around, but the shows do attract the crowds.

The Coast Road

The Coast Road

Leading the Way

Leading the Way

Our first show was the Crocodile Feeding. Lee the presenter had a lot of knowledge & always made sure everyone was able to see. They didn’t feed all the crocs at that time, just Spartacus, the dominant male. To say some crocs are massive is an understatement. The heaviest is 900kg & 5.2m long. Then there’s a few at a light 350-400kg & 4.2m long. They are impressive.

There are kangaroos & wallabies roaming around in their enclosure & they are happy to be patted. The kids really loved this. David was manning the photo station where you can get your photo taken with a black-headed python & a small freshwater croc. He was really nice with the kids & let them have a pat of both, take photos and answer any questions.

Then we went on the popular Boat Cruise around the lagoon. You get given a time of which cruise you will be on at Reception, which is a good system so you don’t waste time all day lining up.

Duncan, one of the guides, is hilarious. A little like Steve Irwin with his enthusiasm. He gives you a great rundown of the 21 crocs in the lagoon, welcomes any questions & when he stops to get them jump out of the water he makes sure that both sides of the boat get a good view & the chance for photos.

The food at Lilies restaurant looked nice, but we had brought our own lunch & snacks which is allowed. We got the kids an ice cream then headed onto the Snake Show where Drew told us everything we needed to know about snakes in the most comical way. We saw a tropical carpet python eat a rat (a dead one of course) which was very interesting.

Then we hung around for the 3pm Crocodile Attack show which is the highlight of the day. We had Duncan again as the presenter, and he starts the show off with a bit of a song, then gets a croc about 250kg chase him around the enclosure, do death rolls & completely entertain the audience – who really are waiting for some kind of real attack!

After a busy day walking around the park we headed back to town & went to a place called The Tin Shed, (Port Douglas District & Combined Club), which is an absolutely brilliant place to get a drink & some food. It’s a must visit & is right near the Marina because the location is on the water where you watch the boats come in & out of the Marina. In the afternoon it wasn’t too busy but it does pick p around 5.30pm, and you can see why by the spectacular sunset in the photo I’ve attached.

We then had dinner at The Central Hotel and the meals were pretty big & delicious. The place is pretty busy on a Saturday night with NRL, AFL & the Bledisloe Cup all being shown, but if you get there about 5.45pm you should get a table. I imagine it’s very crowded in Summer. The pub is so big though that there’s still plenty of space for everyone & families are welcome.

It was a sensational day – the weather was perfect and we came back to the Resort feeling happy & entertained. The sound of the waterfalls when you walk to your room is very peaceful and relaxing.

We’ve now got the kids in bed again, they are exhausted. And we’ve got more exploring to do tomorrow!

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