‘New Hope’ ‘New Ways’ … makes for the best excuse to turn off, tune out and head ‘bush’

All this talk of elections, voting preferences, he said – she said, ‘New Hope’, old hope, no hope, ‘A New Way’ …just makes me want to do something else.

I’m not naive – I’ll read the parties policies before voting (alp / lib / green), but I’ll skip the jargon in the newspapers and on television any day (although it’s harder to skip the social media adverts and YouTube videos that keep popping up everywhere).

So, what would I rather be doing?

Head outside, get my walking shoes on and a day pack on my back and head for clear air and blue skies.

I’ve talked before about how I’d rather be outside, how being in nature brings out your creative and problem solving side … and it’s true, going for a walk over the weekend, or escaping the rat race during the week is one of the most grounding, mind awakening and mentally stimulating things to do.

Where to walk


EASY Kirra Hill – “The Eagle”

Kirra Beach ... view from 'the Eagle'

Where: Garrick Street Kirra

Why: Catch spectacular views to the east, over some of the best surf beaches in Australia. Turn your head a little and you’re looking back down south over Coolangatta, or north towards Currumbin, over the stretch of Kirra Beach. Turn your back to the ocean to see the westerly hinterland ranges that run behind the Gold Coast – Springbrook National Park and Mt Tambourine to name a few ‘speccy’ spots.

Virtual visit: Can’t get to Kirra? Virtually walk via Google – http://goo.gl/maps/5okS8 … you won’t be disappointed!

INTERMEDIATE Springbrook National Park – “Natural Bridge”

Springbrook waterfall 2

Where:  Exit off the Pacific Motorway at Nerang (exit 69) and follow the Nerang–Murwillumbah Road

Why: The Natural Bridge is worth seeing, either by day to enjoy the unique waterfall or after dark to discover the park’s amazing glow-worms. Pack a picnic and make a day of it!

Map: Springbrook National Park Walks map 


EASY Coffs Creek Walk and Botanic Garden

Take a wander down a quiet path

Where: Access via the Coffs Harbour CBD, about 1km east along Harbour Drive, turn left into Hardacre Street – the entrance and parking area is at the end of Hardacre Street.

Why: Take a quiet wander through the dappled shade of native trees along a meandering boardwalk, or sit and watch the birds on the estuary … this easy walk is a nice contrast to the sandy beaches of the Coffs coast!

Map: Have a peek at the Coffs Botanic Gardens and all its offers

INTERMEDIATE Dorrigo National Park

Skywalk at Dorrigo National Park

Where: The Dorrigo Plateau is about 60km west of Coffs Harbour. Access is via Dome Road of the Waterfall Way about 2 kilometres east of Dorrigo.

Why: I can’t tell you how much I love this part of the country. The waterfalls, towering tree’s, Bell Birds calling, Lyre Birds courting… the Bellingen Valley and Dorrigo National Park are must do day trips from Coffs Harbour. Take it easy and visit the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre – and be blown away on the Skywalk

I’ll explore some more of my much loved walking tracks a little later, but in the meantime, if you’re like me and would like a little less ‘New (insert jargon phrase-of-the-day)’ conversation and a lot more action please… turn off, tune out and head bush!

– Selah – 


ErinErin shares her perspective via the My Club blog on creating (and trying to maintain) balance in everyday life, how taking time off to rekindle relationships, renew friendships and explore the previously unknown brings vibrancy, creativity and a lightness to life.  Connect to Erin, and any of the WorldMark team via facebook.

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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