Resort Reporter Fiji #77 – A lifetime of memories

Families – what is more important than that! Being a WorldMarkSP Owner, I was able to have a holiday with my family not only in Australia but also overseas.

The flexibility that Wyndham offers for holiday in any part of the world is so worthwhile to be an owner of Wyndham.  I decided to have a holiday in Florida during Christmas 2009 and since all Wyndham resorts were fully booked at that time I was able to go through RCI using my Wyndham credits.

In December 2009, using my Wyndham credits, I took my family for a week holiday to Orlando, Florida for Christmas. The resort was impressive with all its facilities which add to a wonderful cost effective vacation.  The two bedrooms apartment with all the facilities was just ideal for a family holiday.

The two girls (my grandchildren) had a fabulous time swimming and sun-bathing by the pools.  Because of the facility provided in the resort, we were able to have a lovely cozy traditional Christmas turkey dinner in the resort as if we were at home.  In addition to the lovely surrounding of the resort we were entertained to a unique action pack show – The Arabian Night.

Precious memories are moments I will look back on with either regret or a smile. Either way the memory will last forever.  I choose to make memories with a smile and I am thankful that the Wyndham resort cooperation has been instrumental in making these lifetime memories.

holiday memories

Words by Janet – Photo WorldMarkSP

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