Resort Reporter Fiji #76 – Bula

FIJI, the home of “BULA”, hibiscus, big smiles and total relaxation.

This is our favourite holiday location. The Fijians have made an art of stress free holidays through living their normal lives in “FIJI TIME”. And does it rub off on the tourists?, you bet it does.

From the moment you step off the plane, with the  colourful serenading welcoming party, till it’s time to totter off home, you will marvel at how their time is in no hurry. It is the main ingredient of your enjoyment after the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Even though we have been here many times, it is still a fascinating trip from the airport to our beautiful resort on  Denaru Island. It seems the council road gangs filling the potholes have only advanced a mere half a kilometre since our last trip. What’s the rush? On arriving at our resort it’s “BULA” and huge smiles all round from the friendly staff. Being on “Fiji Time” means you won’t be rushed to your rooms so sit around the magnificent pool, with swim up bar, which is only metres from the Pacific Ocean or go for a stroll looking for shells and get your feet wet. Maybe pull up a pew in the resort restaurant and enjoy a snack and cool drink.

After being shown your room and you have unpacked, it’s usually, “what to do now”. We have found doing nothing is good for a lot of the time, especially around the pool. However, if you would prefer to use your resort more as a base, there are many attractions nearby. The resort reception area has squillions of pamphlets & advice and they will happily book it for you.

Not to miss is a bus trip into town. Take the locals bus, which meanders through the small villages, picking up locals on their way. The bus stops at the town bus terminal which is adjacent to the fruit and veggie markets.

Day trips to do paragliding, scuba diving, island visits or fishing trips are just a stones throw away. Paragliding, I found, was very relaxing (once I had my feet back on the ground). First time scuba divers are given free lessons in the resort pool until they feel comfortable, even if it takes a week.

What I really love, is lounging around the pool after a day trip, on “FIJI TIME” with a cool Fiji Bitter and the missus enjoying a cocktail and reading a book. Happy wife, happy life.


Words and Photos by Noel and Jennifer

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