Resort Reporter Fiji #75 – Ballarat – A Goldmine of Fun and Fantasy

Our holiday to Ballarat proved to be a true treasure trove of memories dipped in fantasy!  Everywhere we turned there was something to be discovered, beauty to be awed, history to be experienced and giggles to be heard.  J

So… where to start…

At Sovereign Hill we felt the excitement of discovering gold dust in the bottom of our pans, smelt the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries from wood fires tended to by mob-capped madams, relived the daunting life of a miner, dressed up as notorious bar maids, was awed by the pouring of a real gold ingot, educated in candle making and much, much more.  The light show was truly incredible!  A must see!

Tripping around town, it was a surprise to discover a large lake right in the middle of the city, Lake Wendouree, and a pleasure to stumble upon ‘Pipers by the Lake’, an elegant coffee Shoppe at the water’s edge offering delicious treats that definitely nurture the soul.

By the way… while we are on the subject of food… treat yourself to dinner at Irish Murphy’s in town 😉

What else?

If you are a quilter like me, wallow in the wicked delights of The Patchwork Emporium.

If you love gardens like my husband, the Ballarat Botanical Gardens has delightful statues, colourful displays and a blossoming glasshouse.

If you have teens, visit Kryle Castle for some unforgettable medieval mayhem!  Watch or participate at your peril in enactments of public whippings, hangings and cases at court.  It is all hilarious fun!  Keep your eyes peeled for the hunchback… he is a real scream!  😀

If you love history and art, Ballarat is brim full of antiquities, ‘times past’ and memoirs!  One personal experience that touched my heart was ‘The Convent’ in nearby Daylesford.  You won’t regret the short drive I promise you.  Not only is the surrounding countryside picturesque but, once there, you will meander through the splendour of three levels of art and history in this magnificent, 19th century mansion.

We revelled in our Ballarat experience with family and friends.  In fact, one of the things we love about being an owner is that we can treat our loved ones to holidays and make affordable, life-long memories but I can unreservedly recommend Ballarat to all the romantic twosomes out there also.

Just go and be enchanted!

Words and Photos by Lisa-Marie

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