Resort Reporter Fiji # 72 – Canada

We are excited about the prospect of celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Canada, courtesy of our Wyndham credits! We have been thinking about this trip for a number of years now and have finally decided to go for it, celebrating our anniversary doing the stuff we really want to do.

The plan is to cruise the Alaskan Inside Passage, board the Rocky Mountaineer train for the journey of a lifetime, and mountain bike ourselves to a standstill in Whistler!
In New Zealand we are blessed with beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, glaciers and lakes and we have enjoyed, and still enjoy, experiencing our own country with its spectacular views! It is also exciting to be planning a trip to another part of the world where we can enjoy the scenery of a land similar but different! We both love the outdoors and always value the different experiences and the people we meet while travelling. The sharing of experiences and stories is always fun and whets the appetite for more!

Having never been on a cruise before, the chance to “sail” the Alaskan Inside Passage is an exciting bucket list opportunity. To experience such remarkable scenery from the luxury of a cruise liner is a mouth watering prospect.

The Rocky Mountaineer has always had rave reviews and has been in our travel planning for quite some time now! To see the vastness and the scale of the Rocky Mountains is one of life’s “must do’s” and our 25th Wedding Anniversary is the opportunity to do it.
Being passionate mountain bikers, another goal is to spend a number of days enjoying the tracks around Whistler. We have awesome mountain biking tracks here in New Zealand which we are always keen to get out and ride, but again to have a go at tracks in another country with tonnes and tonnes of riding is very exciting, especially when you can spend five days in one location and never ride the same track twice!!
When we’re done, we’ll tell you all about it!!

HOliday PhotosWords and Photos by Stacey and Grant

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