Resort Reporter Fiji # 70 – Ahh, the serenity

Ahh, the serenity!” A cliché perhaps but realistic. Spend any time of the beautiful Denarau Island and you immediately fall in love with the island’s culture, people, places and that unique and special “island time” that makes a holiday enjoyable and relaxing. Add the excellent facilities of the Wyndham Resort and it’s a tailor made holiday that embeds itself on your psyche for years to come. The warm friendly faces greeting you with a wholehearted “Bula!”, the sea blowing a calm, relaxing breeze, the gentle movement and sounds of the palm trees swaying to greet you as you pass by…all just a daily occurrence on Denarau Island. For the adventure lovers like us, diving on coral reefs, breathtaking underwater scenery and fantastic guides make unforgettable memories. Spend the morning and afternoon being chauffeured to and from picturesque islands where the only worry is that you brought enough sunscreen!. Time can stand still at the Wyndham…read a good book by the substantial and generous pool, have a massage, swim in the beautiful cool ocean waters, order lunch or cocktails or both! Walk to the marina for some cultural shopping, sample to various cuisines or grab some groceries for your well-equipped apartment at the Wyndham. Visit a local village, school or town and have a truly authentic experience. Whatever your holiday plans; adventure, relaxation or rejuvenation all can be accommodated and found at the Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Denarau Island.


Words by Nicole – Photo WorldMarkSP

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