Resort Reporter Fiji #64 – Our Tasmanian Adventure

Our family, Mike, Julian and I, have just returned from our fabulous and rather chilly Tasmanian school holiday adventure.  We spent 7 nights staying at the gorgeous Wyndham Seven Mile Beach resort just out of Hobart.  The resort itself is brilliantly located, making exploring Hobart and its surrounds – the south eastern corner of Tasmania, incredibly easy … providing you have a car, pretty much a necessity for this resort.  The resort however has everything you would expect from a resort and more, including a great kids playgrounds and ever a giant chess game so there is plenty to do if you just wanted to hang around the resort and chill.  The actual Seven Mile beach, is a beautiful beach, the type you see on post cards or in advertisments promiting Australia to the world.  It is a fun beach to explore, to do a little beach combing and to collect some of the gorgeous dark grey scallop shells just waiting to be discovered on the tide line and be skimmed back out to sea.

We however had great sight seeing plans that I had been researching in the weeks leading up to our adventure.  The problem was that there is just so much to see in the area and fitting in as much as possible was going to be impossible unless we planned.  This is our adventure, it was busy but that was what we wanted … our next Wyndham break will definitely need to be resting holiday though!  This is our adventure ….

Words and Photos by Kate

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