Resort Reporter Fiji #57 – Fiji Safe and Sound

Considering the stresses of planning, bookings, airports, etc,  the pleasure of receiving such a warm welcome at Worldmark Denarau was wonderful.
The whole layout of the resort is really impressive. Beautiful tropical gardens, well-appointed suites, and the VIEW !!!  Palm trees, clean sandy beaches and a number of islands framing the sea.   The staff here are terrific. Genuinely friendly, very obliging, and absolutely professional.

Worldmark’s gardens, cafes, and bars are all close to the magnificent pool, which, in turn, is only 10 metres from the sea, so there’s really no need to be anywhere else. However, they also have access to all the best tours, cruises and other facilities.  Their advice and assistance made bookings so easy, and we reveled in some island cruising. Just beautiful out there.

Denarau island is one of the very few places in Fiji where we can walk a very long beach, on sand free from the usual minefield of sharp chunks of broken coral. A midnight stroll under moonlight, combined with the resort’s beach side flares and garden lights, is a wonder.

We had spent our anniversary in transit, but once we’d settled in, we were toasting each other with bubbly in the restaurant before dinner. ‘Happy anniversary darling”.  One of the staff overheard us.  Before we knew it, we were ushered to another table festooned with flowers, treated like royalty, and after a fine dinner, four of the staff serenaded us with a beautiful Fijian song.  A magic moment, and there were quite a few during our stay.

It gets better; another welcome bonus for travellers in Fiji is the exchange rate.  Although it can be variable, when we were there, a FJ$25 meal was only about A$15, and other expenses translated in the same way.  The shopping in nearby Nadi was a bargain-hunters paradise.

 The political situation in Fiji is unfortunate, but, holiday-makers are fully insulated from any undue excitement unless perhaps there’s a demonstration within 100 metres of government house over in Suva, the other side of Fiji.    Fijian staff, shopkeepers, and the general public are invariably friendly, and hospitable.

 Fiji has it all;  beautiful smiles, balmy climate, warm water, and all the facilities you could wish for.  They drive on the left, so hiring a car for day-trips is a breeze. Also for hire are boats, scooters and pushbikes.  Cute little thatch-roofed buses circulate continuously around the circuit of Denarau resorts, and include a world-class marina.

Words and Photos by Susan

Music in Fiji is a constant, a national pastime.  Fijian covers bands are worldclass,

and many lunches and dinners have soothing background music, and after dinner we dance to great rythms, or just chill out.

We can’t thank Worldmark  and their staff enough.  They made our holiday so enjoyable that the wonderful memories we’ve stored away will sustain us for a very long time to come.

We’re going back.  Soonest.  I do hope you can join us this time.




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