Resort Reporter Fiji #54 – Fiji – Make A Difference

I was never much of a traveller. I’m not really sure why. It wasn’t until I had children that I felt the need to spread all our wings and go and let them see the world. Our family friendly holiday destination; Fiji. Our last trip there changed our lives forever. We were introduced to the Treasure House Orphanage in Nadi, by locals of Nadi, and an employee of Wyndham Vacation Resort, on Denarau Island. We were told to take basic hygiene items, vegetables, staple food, and maybe a treat for these 20 odd children who go without daily. At the time, we had our four young boys with us, aged 6 and under. The friendliness of the children and staff were captivating, and we were welcomed with open arms. Not because we had gifts, but because we had children, that the orphans could play with! As a young mother of four boys, I was drawn to the baby room, and found myself nursing a newborn Fijian baby, whose mother had left him at birth only days before. I wanted to smuggle him out, and keep him forever. Our family promised him we would help him, some way, some how. We joined forces with another family, but from New Zealand, to create the Treasure House Fund, where we raise money to build these children a new home, designed to suit their culture and needs. The baby we fell in love with, has since been adopted to a beautiful family residing in Fiji. He changed my life, in wanting to help these children for the rest of my life. I have since had another baby, and have not been able to return to Fiji with five small kiddies as yet to see our beautiful Treasure House kids. There is always more to a location in which a Wyndham Resort lays. While there is always a pool to have a refreshing swim in, gorgeous rooms with luxurious linens, or staff that will go above and beyond, there is always something more. Things that will change your life. You just have to open your mind and heart to the possibilities.

Words and Photos by Toni

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