Resort Reporter Fiji #53 – Moonmark

Remember the excitement of far-away places,

when our teacher told us

of peoples, birds and everything.

Our little ears and eyes thrilled.

We saw ourselves a captain

sailing to countries unimaginable.

Dreaming ceased as the school-bell rang.

We returned to our seemingly unexciting existence

and walked home hoping… someday….

 No longer simply dreams,

 for as captain of my life

I travel the world,

thanks to the genius who created

the wonderful world of Worldmark.

My investment is safe from the fluctuations

and uncertainty of the currencies of nations.

I plan each adventure knowing for sure

no matter wherever I go there will be more,

more than my dreams ever imagined!

The latest resort is where I want to be,

it’s DenarauIsland in romantic Fiji.

My favourite to date is in my home State

with the precious name of GoldenBeach.

Here is peace, simply so complete for me,

as the Norfolk pines blend

with the pelicans, the golden sand and the sea.

Travel the world and live your dream

keeping the little child in you excited.

Life is for living and loving and giving

and your friends can share your joy

staying in your resort specially invited.

They will catch your desirable disease for ease

as you introduce the best kept secret

of resort after resort after resort.

 There is no limit it seems

as Worldmark plans for our dreams.

I believe more thrills are to come

and a really great one,

which cannot come too soon,

is when Worldmark

opens a resort

on the MOON!

 Now I am the little fellow

in class again!

Golden Beach view.

Golden Beach view.

Words and Photos by Barrie

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