Resort Reporter Fiji #41 – Some Like It Hot

If you need to put a smile on your face, then Fiji is the place to do it.  The Fijians are probably the most easy going, friendly people in the world, and a few hours after arriving you are smiling with them.

Fiji has long been our favourite destination, shared with our three children over our 20 years of visiting the various islands of Vitalevu,  Kadavu, Mana and Taveuni where we stood with one foot in today and one in yesterday.    Our children still return, now with their own families.

Warm clear water is our first love, and in past visits, have braved the ocean in flat bottom dinghies to find new diving and snorkelling spots.  Richard as a CMAS dive instructor has long enjoyed the underwater world and after many years of diving stills finds new and fascinating marine life.

Some like it hot, and we do too.  The warm weather is just what we Tasmanians need at this time of the year.  The past few years because of work commitments, we have missed this holiday and would love the opportunity to check out new places and old friends.

Please find some photos attached.  Some were not through Wyndham (Samoa) – Others were with exchange points with RCI.

Words and Photos by Richard and Helen

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