Resort Reporter Fiji #35 – Fiji Dreaming

I have never been to Fiji but would love to go so this is my imagined day at the Fiji resort.

Fiji is a destination that I have fantasied about since I was a small child.

The idea of walking out of the front of our Wyndham Resort with it’s beautifully equipped rooms, making your way down the cobbled path, passing coconut palms and lush vegetation towards the sound of the crashing of the waves on the sand.

The pathway opens out to the view of the crystal clear water spreading out to the horizon with an Island or two in the distance. Your gaze comes back to the beach of brilliant white sand. You gasp at the beauty that beholds you. You stand mesmerized by the scene in front of you. Your senses are in overload from the smells, sight, the feel of the soft sand under your feet and the caress of the wind gently on your face.

Scattered here and there are sun beds placed along the beach under the coconut palms for you to lye on, while you are waited on by the locals with the most exquisite drinks that you can imagine, nothing is too much for these lovely people.

You tear yourself away from activities of the beach after swimming, snorkeling the beautiful coral out crops that are full of wonderful multicolored fish and colored coral, there are lots of other thing to see like clams and crustaceans.

The water sport activities are endless. Jet ski rides, parasailing, surfing, if you like you can go sailing and boating or a day trip around the islands.  If you have the energy, fishing could be on the list.

You make you way back up the path to your resort. As you head towards your room you see the crystal blue swimming pools and spa, set amongst the green lawn of the grounds, The paved ares around the pools has deck chairs and sun beds for you to lay on, the pool bar catches your eye “you note that it is the spot to watch the sun go down”.

The resort also has a well equipped gym. You tell yourself, “If only I had the energy to work out. May be tomorrow”.

You pass the day spa, thinking to yourself “I will book in for a massage, what the hell a whole day of pampering, mud bath, a massage, facial what a day to look forward to tomorrow”.

As the afternoon draws on you relax in the pool bar and watch the sun go down over the ocean, The sight is awesome the huge orange glow the slowly recedes down below the horizon. Dancing its light across the ocean like a stairway to heaven as it slowly disappears. You are left with a sky of glorious colors of oranges and reds.

For a brief moment you wonder what the rest of the world is doing. Busy in their lives and jobs. You shake it off.

While you watch as the lanterns slowly take over from the fading light from the sun. You pinch yourself to check you have not died and gone to heaven. No. This is real paradise, the paradise you dream about and hope that one day you can experience it for yourself.

You make you way to the restaurant for a wondrous meal. Seafood buffet cooked traditionally by local people. There is salads and vegetables to accompany too many to list, let alone try. Maybe tomorrow night I will get through them all. Then there are sweets of all different sorts to try, I opt for fresh fruit salad there is no room for anything else.

To end an exquisite day we are entertained by traditional local dancing, they are adorned with frangipani flowers in their hair and around their necks, the music and dance was mesmerizing and you felt yourself being transported into the stories that they were dancing and singing about. Oh what an end of the evening.

As you head up the path towards your Wyndham Resort room you feel almost dizzy with all the food, drinks, activities and excitement from your first day at Fiji Whyndham Resort.

Finally you fall exhausted into the crisp clean sheets of the huge King size bed your head is still spinning from all that you have done and the excitement of the things to come tomorrow. Slowly the soothing smell of frangipani wafting in through the windows lulls you of to sleep. You dream of the crystal clear waters and snow white sands of your beloved Fiji.

beautiful fiji

Words by Joy – Photo WorldMarkSP

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