Resort Reporter Fiji #31 – Las Vegas

The moment I stepped off the plane at Las Vegas airport I felt an amazing buzz enter my body. I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand, my parents followed and we headed to the baggage collection area before finding our transfer to Wyndham Resorts. Our first encounter with American culture was with our transfer driver. Jet lag, excitment and our innocence of culture relating to tipping resulted in us copping a mouth full of abuse from our driver. We learnt very quickly that from this point forward we must tip 10% for any service received  Wages are extremely low in the United States of America and many people need this contribution to survive.

Finally after checking into our amazing accommodation on Las Vegas Boulevard we found ourselves admiring the Bellagio Fountains  Pink, blue, green lots of colourful lights flashing, shooting into the sky while the fountains pranced to the music. This point onwards would be one of my favourite places to sit relax and watch this blossoming city go by. The Eiffel Tower, St.Marcs Square, The Forum and many more icons would fill our afternoon of adventure and site seeing.
Tomorrow we shall visit Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon, now however it was time to relax and float around our lazy pool and drift into a world of dreams.

Las vegasWords by Amy – Photo WorldMarkSP

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