Resort Reporter Fiji #26 – Much needed break

I have been with Privileges since year 2000. We as a family have been on so many holidays and if it wasn’t for you guys we would not be going anywhere. Being a member of World mark has opened our eyes on how important time away with your family. As the kids are growing up we are changing our resorts to suit our needs, and how important is that?

My daughter went on a break away from uni with her boy and had the best relaxing time, which was much needed after all the assignments and exams and just stress of life as a young lady. My daughter rang me and told me that dad and I need to go to Hunter Valley just to relax it’s the best she has been you get your own cabin away from everything, I thought how important is this as my husband who works sometimes seven days a week and my kids feel his pain.  He just wants to make their life easier, but I will listen to her and book Hunter Valley around Christmas for the two of us .As far as World mark I have used them for flights accommodation and car rentals, I feel they are so versatile and can accommodate for all my needs.  I would recommend them to all my friends.  It’s easy just call them and we speak to a real person how awesome is that?

Thank you guys you got me.

Pokolbin Hill

Words by Diana – Photo WorldMarkSP

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