Travel To-Do’s: Take a Jaunt in July!

Need a break – any break! – from the mid-year slump? Contemplating doing your taxes? Tired of being cooped up all day?

My verdict? Take a jaunt in July!

Here’s my 3 picks for the best events and attractions around Australia and New Zealand this month.

Your Top 3 Travel To-Do list in July

Cadbury Chocolate Carnival 2013

Chocolate | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

I’ve mentioned (in great detail!) the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in a previous blog post, but did you know that Dunedin, New Zealand, is also home to the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival? Between 20 – 26 July 2013, you can celebrate all things chocolate: visit the factory, indulge in a chocolate facial, and watch the spectacle that is the famous Cadbury Jaffa Race. 25 000 Giant Jaffas – chocolate orange balls – roll down Baldwin Street, the steepest in the world, while you purchase a charity ticket, cross your fingers, and hope that your Jaffa wins the race! There’s plenty of other activities for the young and chocaholics alike – head over to the event website and prepare to be enthralled.

Stay: Wyndham Wanaka

The Rocks Aroma Festival

coffeeLove coffee? The Rocks, in Sydney, is hosting the annual Aroma Festival on 21 July 2013. Discover coffee-inspired delectable desserts; meet 24 coffee roasters and stallholders; get into the spirit at a (very reasonably priced) workshop on traditional coffee cupping, deconstructing espresso and more; plus get exotic at a Turkish Coffee House. My pick? Watch a Guinness World Record art mosaic be handcrafted out of over 6 000 cups of coffee. That’s a lot of caffeine!

Stay: Wyndham Sydney


MONA interior | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Just one MONA’s interiors

Did you know that Lonely Planet has listed Hobart, Tasmania, as one of their Top 10 Cities in The Best in Travel 2013? There are plenty of reasons to visit this understated destination (see my blog post on 3 Perfect Days in Hobart for more); today I’m going to highlight just one. MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art that thrust Hobart into the international art spotlight, goes hand in hand with winter. Dark, eloquent and inspiring, I’ve always thought a visit to MONA as the closest thing to falling down the rabbit hole. It seems MONA agrees – ‘The Red Queen’, their new exhibition, is a co-opted character form Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’. Grab some scones (best I’ve had, I promise) at the MONA Cafe and make a day of it!

Stay: Wyndham Seven Mile Beach


Do you have any July recommendations for your fellow Owners and travellers? Leave a comment below to share your tips (or trips!).

Until next month,



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