Resort Reporter Fiji #9 – Breathtaking Fiji

In January 2012, my little family, my husband and my 10 year old daughter, stayed at the Wyndham Resort in Fiji for 7 days.  It was one of the most fabulous and memorable holidays I have ever had in my entire life.  I have never in my entire life experienced waking up to the sound of the waves from the ocean and the moment I heard that very sound took my breath away every morning.

The resort itself was a 2 bedroom self contained apartment with all the luxuries one could ever imagine.  My daughter who was 10 years old at that stage, totally enjoyed her stay and took many pictures of the resort and the apartment itself.  She always remembers the memories of it and is always asking to go back there again.

The afternoons were very special as the sun goes down.  The Fijian men did the fire ceremony at dusk by dancing & beating the lali.  It was the most serene and joyful occasion of the day.  We would sit in our very own balcony to watch the fire ceremony where they would light up the entire pool area with fires.  This was just pure magical.

At nights my husband and daughter would take a walk along the beach, (our very own beach), well it seemed like it.

The staff at the resort are very friendly.  They are always looking after our well being.  We were completely treated like royalty.

fijiWords by Jamila – Photo WorldMarkSP


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