Resort Reporter Fiji #20 – New Orleans

Reflection on New Orleans:  To me it is like an old Grande Dame that has gone through some tough times but is still trying to keep up appearances of days gone by.  It has had a tough time with the Hurricanes but is bouncing back as much as it can.  The French Quarter has charm but in a lot of cases run down.  I suppose it is heritage listed and people expect it to be a bit dilapidated.  The Cathedral’s foundations were laid 52 years before Cook saw Australia.  Bourbon Street is a bit sleazy, full of bars and strip clubs.  The Garden area, where we stayed, is very pretty with houses you think about when you think plantations and slaves.  The people have been extremely friendly. They have the Super Bowl this season so they are trying to get the city spick and span as it will be showcased to the world. Evidently it is on the same time as the Mardi Gras.  This place will really rock then. People come here for the music, food and drinking.  Not necessarily in that order.  Bucks and hens weekends seem to be popular here.  Overall I am really pleased we came here.

Words and Photos by Terry


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