Resort Reporter Fiji #14 – 2 weeks at breakneck speed exploring America

Two weeks at breakneck speed exploring America…… some would say insane but for us and another Worldmark Owner family it meant memories for us and our kids.  After all, isn’t that why we become owners – new experiences and time with friends and family!

Day one spent flying to Los Angeles then driving from the airport to Anaheim in the early hours of the morning.  Slight mishap with one teenager losing their wallet and ID within 5 minutes of arriving at the hotel but with a little help from the reception staff we managed to contact Australia and cancel everything necessary and settle in to our very comfortable apartment.

Day two the two men and two boys catch a bus to San Diego to watch a NFL game – what an experience watching the Chargers from up in nosebleed land.  Late drive back to L.A. to have the bus crash with a car on the off ramp only 500m from our hotel – goodness, what else can happen.  Teenage son gets to piggyback a hot American girl over the glass and debri and yet another memory made.

Day three all eleven of us off to Disneyland – most kids dream to do this yet we are living it! Photos and thrills all day.  Meeting Mickey Mouse at his house was the pinnacle for a couple of the adults.

Day four we all load up in a 12 seater van to see the sights of Hollywood not knowing that car sickness is not limited to the city of stars – our tired, green 9 year old son just couldn’t hold it in and just has to be sick in the garbage bin on the most famous street in LA…… how embarassing but that is life.  A quick pic with the Hollywood sign a must then shopping and more photos to be had.  Off to Muscle Beach for the hubby to flex his muscles, Santa Monica for a walk on the pier and low and behold we get roped into holding exotic snakes around our necks and playing with gorgeous parrots – kids were delighted.

Day five delivered a smorgasbord of rides, behind the scenes movie experiences and meeting the cool characters that walk around – probably the favourite theme park for us lot.

Day six spent at California Adventure Park with thrills and spills – now we are getting tired but the parade and  light show were amazing.  So glad we have really nice accommodation to go home to.  It’s like home away from home.

Day seven was a day trip to San Diego with experiences we could never equal in Australia – highlight for the children was swimming with the dolphins.

Day seven we hired a large van and looked like the National Lampoons Vacation in real life lol.  All eleven members with luggage and new purchases drove to Las Vegas piled in like sardines, some catching up on sleep and others admiring the changing landscape to arrive at yet another top class Worldmark apartment – no complaints to be had from any of us.

A couple of days in crazy Las Vegas left our jaw dropping sometimes, eyes wide and our wallets poorer. Great factory outlet shopping, a visit to Cirque du Soleil and a chance to meet a relative never seen just enhanced the quality of our ‘holiday of a lifetime’.  Time to move on though.

Off we fly to Hawaii to end our trip with what was meant to be R & R time but low and behold we decide you can sleep when you’re dead so we do a whole day tour of Waikiki and a day trip to Pearl Harbour.  Quick swim at the beach and damn…….. it’s time to go home.  Love being a Worldmark owner!

Words and Photos by Tanya

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