Resort Reporter Fiji #11 – See you soon!

Bula. Just the start.

Our family stayed in Fiji in the last two Septembers  2011, 2012.  Our 1st trip TO Fiji was back in 1992, and now we are on the way to our 3rd stay this September.

To say that we are excited is an under statement  to say the least.  Counting down the weeks, checking the daily  temperatures is what keeps me getting through each cold winter day.

I am prepared for the next trip, yes an extra lens for the camera on that zooms a little further, a back pack that hold the full camera kit with the lap top slid in behind.

People  ask me Steven you seem to like going back to F1J1 as I call it, yes I do I say proudly, I love the location, I love the friendly service from all the happy staff.

And each trip we try something new, a new island to see a new attraction that we said maybe we will do it next trip.

So yes I am ready  now only 10 weeks to go…

See you all soon


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