Resort Reporter Port Douglas #81- Florida

There is something about water that attracts us.  Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, or laps in the pool.   With both of us running our own businesses, Richard as an optometrist and me, computer sales, repairs and training, getting away from it all is important to us, and we make the most of our days off.

Our last holiday, on exchange points with RCI, was spent on the coast of Florida.  While Tasmanian weather was still cool, we were able to enjoy relaxing on the beach with our Florida family.  It was two year old Adam’s first time with sand between his toes and waves breaking into his face.  His squeals of delight were contagious and he soon had us bouncing in the waves along with him. It was a great way to catch up with our son Michael and his wife, Vanessa and our sixth grandchild.

We enjoy sunshine of course, clean comfortable accommodation, and when I don’t have to cook, good food and wine.   But more than anything, good clear water for snorkeling, the opportunity to catch a fish, take in the sights, and read a good book without interruption.

Words and Photos by Helen

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