Resort Reporter Port Douglas #78 – Port Macquarie

About eight years ago when I was rich and single (aka before kids!) I joined the WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham. My motivation was the desire to continue to afford to travel and holiday both locally and internationally forever in the years to come. I certainly visited a few resorts while both in the luxurious solitude of my own company and with previous partners but it wasn’t until I started a family of my own did WorldMark Wyndham Resorts brought the word Holiday to Family!

January 2011 was our first Family Holiday where we braved going away with twin babies. Our twin girls had recently had their First birthday and we were off to our First Family holiday to Port Macquarie Northpoint. I had booked a Wyndham holiday to Port Macquarie many years before so was familiar with the area and eager to visit the beaches and restaurants with a small family in tow.

We got there by car which was no easy feat of packing the boot for the 8 hour drive from Brisbane. The extensive list of double baby things meant the usual paraphernalia of nappies, formula, bottles, sterilisers, 2 high chairs, bags, bags and bags. We chose January as the traditional Summer Holiday period to be amongst the atmosphere of the school holidays and post New Year festivity.  Some of the biggest highlights was single pleasures like carpet in the apartment! Our house is split level hard wooden floors so an apartment with carpet was luxury to two exploring crawling babies. We were starting swimming lessons so we were in the Resort Pool every day. We braved our First Restaurant for a family dinner and even had a lovely BBQ on the beach. It was a lovely week of relaxation and for a new family WorldMark Wyndham Resorts gave us a great taste of many more holidays to come.

Words and Images by Lisa at The Last Degree

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