Resort Reporter Port Douglas #73 – The Frog and Toad

This family vacation was kindly supplied by my in-laws. A week during Easter holidays at Kirra Beach. We had such fabulous time that we too became Worldmark owners. We figured if we could have this much fun so close to home, imagine the shenanigans we could get up in years to come.

It all started with the ultimate ‘dad-line’:

Lets hit the frog and toad! — Road!

We were off.

Some say it’s the journey not the destination “Mum! Stop instgramming our every move!”

Some say it’s the journey not the destination “Mum! Stop instgramming our every move!”

Snack and detailed discussions of what we would do for the next week kept us busy.

It was decided that we wouldn’t do Sea World first, because the 9 year old had already been there with school a “bazillion” times. We would alternate beach days with Movie World and Sea-World. If it rained we would swim in the pool and watch the entire series of Harry Potter in the apartment.

This folks, is a plan.  And it went pretty much entirely to schedule.

It did rain, but we had our washer and dryer to dry clean clothes and dry towels. We watched Harry Potter at night and made our own popcorn. Making the neighbours envious with its buttery, salty smell!

We did morning cannon balls in the pool and road the elevator till the novelty was almost gone.


We came home each day exhausted and content and chomping at the bit to plan more holidays. We waited till the last day to tell the kids that we were becoming owners. We were going to get to do this again and again and AGAIN!

kirra mountain view

Was initially skeptical of our ‘mountain view’ room and then I sat out here with a glass of red, while the kids were in the bath.
Yes. You heard right. The hotel bath. They had beautiful clean bathroom all to themselves! No more fitting our 4 person family into a one bedroom hotel room.
If Paris is for lovers, then WorldMark is for mothers.


After an evening unwinding in our hotel apartment, we were off to the local attractions.
Movie World. We even saw batman!

beach kirra

Words and Photos by Kaley

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