Resort Reporter Port Douglas #70 – Winter Sojourn in Ballarat

Winter sojourn in Ballarat – part family… part friends…. Part solo…Winter in Melbourne is long and cold and one normally dreams of a beach destination to escape from the cold and the busy day to day work schedule.

Well this winter I was surprised with a special treat!  I booked 4 nights in Ballarat midweek and my adult kids joined me for 2 of the nights and friends 1 and I was solo on my last night.  It was a perfect mid winter break only 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne – but worlds away.

Firstly, arranging for all of us to get together is nearly impossible, but this was a totally doable option. Many, many laughs and stories were told over good food (that we all cooked together) and good wine (and champagne and Amaretto and ….) an open fire. Such a cozy environment was a lovely place to enjoy family and friends – we never left the resort grounds, except on one occasion when I had to drive to Melbourne to sort out some business, eagerly returning a few hours later. In fact, the resort is so warm and cozy that the crisp mornings were not even felt when I stepped out for my morning walks – it was pure exhilaration followed by a spa, perfectly rejuvenating!

Pedal Boat

The peddle boats were a real temptation, however a warm open fire and glass of red beckoned… the decision was made…..

crisp morning walks

Crisp morning walks to the small island in the lake presented the most wonderful opportunity to grab some pseudo – solitude to the sound of a million birds chirping.

beautiful reflection

Nothing quite like a beautiful reflection to clear the mind!

autumn colours

I’m an avid photographer and found the autumn colours very inspiring!


My morning walks became very addictive!

Words and Photos by Sandie.

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