Resort Reporter Port Douglas #62 – Hard to Choose

With so many sensational Worldmark holiday experiences to choose from, it was quite the challenge to select 5 photos to accompany my entry.

Do I pick the most recent stay? Do I choose activity shots or landscape? Australian or overseas resorts? Holidays with friends, holidays with family?

Decisions …decisions

 And the winning photo selections are …… drum roll please …….

A little of bit of everything !

Worldmark Denaru Island Fiji 2005

Fiji 2005

Fiji 2005

I have enjoyed a number of holidays in Fiji, since signing up for my Worldmark ownership there in 2003, but my trip in 2005 remains one of the favourites.

Accompanied by my mum Rita, my son Adam (9 at the time), my friend Helen and her teenage daughter Jessica, it was a holiday filled with sun, fun and good times.

Plenty to do, or nothing to do but relax. We tended to mix it up, with adventurous day trips broken up with “rest” days lazing by the resort pool or floating around in it.

Happy locals with infectious smiles are a sheer joy to be around and are as big a drawcard to the country, as the magnificent landscape and tropical waters.

Worldmark Palm Springs USA 2007 

Palm Springs was never a place that I had considered for a holiday, and I originally chose it as a sort of half way place to meet up with a friend living in Phoenix.

Holidaying with my son, we had spent some time in LA, hired a car and drove to Palm Springs with no preconceived expectations.

Driving on the other (I wouldn’t dare say wrong : ) side of the road was not as easy as I had anticipated, and by the time we arrived in Palm Springs I was tense to say the least.

Highlights of the stay included a hummer tour through the Joshua Tree national Park, riding the Palm Springs Aerial tramway and of course catching up with friends that call the other side of the world home.

Worldmark Maui Hawaii 2009


After vowing never to drive in the US again, the roads were quiet enough in Maui Hawaii that I felt comfortable reneging on the promise.  The highlight of this holiday was without a doubt hanging out with turtles.

Worldmark Cairns Aust 2010


When I last visited Port Douglas – we stayed at the Worldmark resort in Cairns and jumped in the car for day trips to Port Douglas. It didn’t take long to fall in love with its laid back charm. It is such a beautiful place, with much more to offer than time allowed me to experience last trip. This is definitely a destination that is on my GET BACK THERE list, and with a Worldmark resort now open in Port Douglas – I’ll be able to get back there sooner rather later. Must do’s for my next trip include, a day exploring the Daintree (I was amazed to discover that this rainforest is older than the Amazon), and an afternoon set aside for a Harley ride. And while I have been lucky enough to scuba the GBR, something so awesome should not be experienced just once, and so naturally it appears at the top of my must do again list.

Sharing amazing experiences with friends and meeting new ones, is one of my favourite aspects of travelling, and it would be my pleasure to share this prize with a friend of mine with young children, that has yet to enjoy the Far North Queensland experience.

Words and Photos by Ann-marie.


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