Resort Reporter Port Douglas #47 – Ballarat

Well it has been an exciting week treating my Mum and Dad to a Wyndham Holiday experience. We headed off to Ballarat last Sunday afternoon with a plan to take in the local sites and explore some cafe and dining venues with the purpose of showing Mum and Dad what a great opportunity holidaying at a Wyndham Resort can provide.

 They had already experienced a taste of Tasmania with us on a short trip last November so this would be their second attempt to try and enjoy not staying in the same place which is a vast difference from all other holidays since 1967 when Anglesea became the traditional family holiday destination.

The intrepid tourists x2 + healthy guide x1

The intrepid tourists x2 + healthy guide x1

The Ballarat resort is central to so much that we had a ball with our daily adventures. Armed with the helpful tourist brochures and suggestions from Wyndham staff we managed to have a leisurely stay that included visits to:

  • Ballarat tourist Information Centre (to top up our brochures & meet Neville the knowledgeable guide + Sovereign Hill Banker on Thursdays!!)
  • Sovereign Hill
  • Gold Museum
  • Ballarat Art Gallery
  • Talbot – to visit Bryce’s Bistro (run by a young 19yr old chef with a heart to use his kitchen to train up the unemployed youth in a small Central Victorian town near Maryborough)
  • Talbot Arts & Historical Museum
  • Creswick Woollen Mills
  • M.A.D.E – the newly opened Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka
  • Ballarat Wildlife Park
  • Ballarat Courts Building (which I worked on during construction in 1999-2000)

Plus a selection of new cafe and lunch / dinner experiences along the way.

The short break was a great chance to enjoy a new experience and encourage Mum and Dad to think about how they could spend their time seeing our great country.

Thanks to the staff at Wyndham Ballarat for making this visit memorable. I will be back soon with my wife to re-live some of the places and find further new experiences when she finishes the training course that prevented her from joining us on the short break.

 Cheers for now

David – The “in hiding reporter / chauffer / guide & photographer”

 PS. Staff at least helped with a couple of photos of me with Mum and Dad at the front of the Ballarat building.

Words & Photos by David

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