Resort Reporter Port Douglas #35 – Denarau Island

Fiji, great for a rest and unwind,  also only 3 hours flight, just great for the old body. On arrival, the best transport is a cab, yep cheaper than a shuttle.   Also get the driver to stop at the supermarket and alcohol shop for your arrival at your unit, so you can have that cup of tea and something to eat before you explore your resort.  The other option is to get the fabulous staff at Wyndham to have your hamper ready.

The new extension at Denarau is fabulous you feel like you’re on The Bold and the Beautiful – your own private pool in the new rooms. What a great idea for Christmas, 10 people can be giving Christmas cheer together if that’s what you want, or for any other time. Just a beautiful picturesque resort, oh if there are children a great play ground as well.

There are restaurants available within the resort or just get the $1 bus up to the harbour for a wide selection of restaurants, and free wi fi. Everyone here is very friendly and certainly make you feel welcome, if you become friendly with your cab driver, ask if he can offer you a tour of the island and at what price. We had a great driver four of us went to Nadi, saw a couple of villages and had a little tour through them to understand the culture and foods etc, so the driver should be helpful with arranging little off the track ideas. Wyndham have a tour desk which will help you find different things to occupy yourself if you don’t want lie by the pool sipping cocktails???? no that sounds very good! Yes, an easy restful holiday for the whole family, a good way to catch up together and unwind, hey I may see you there! Cheers Sharon.

Words and Photos by Sharon.

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