Resort Reporter Port Douglas #34 – Disney & Hurricanes!

A Worldmark holiday can sometimes give you more than expect!  We departed Sydney in late September 2004 bound for Orlando where we had a week booked at Worldmark Orlando – Kingston Reef.  Hurricane Jeanne was building in the Atlantic but it was half a world away and we paid it scant attention.  By the time we arrived in Los Angeles weary and jetlagged Jeanne was due to make landfall in Orlando about the same time we were supposed to land in Orlando.  With a choice of staying in LA or getting close to Orlando, we took the option of a 2 day side trip to Dallas, checked out the sites and arrived finally in Orlando 3 days after our due date.  We found a watery and windswept city that was surprisingly intact and getting back to normal.

Arriving at Worldmark was like coming home.  A beautiful resort, great service in trying times and close to all the Disney attractions that were our primary target. We set about maximising our remaining time.  Jetlag was over and we hit the parks hard arriving back at our “oasis” to enjoy the pools and bbqs.  Despite our reduced time at the resort it was one of our most memorable, made more so when Worldmark kindly reimbursed us credits for our lost days.

Words and Photos by Mark.

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